MDaemon to Google Workspace – Direct Migration Solution for Single & Multiple Users

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In the following section, we are discussing technical yet easiest method to migrate MDaemon account to Google Workspace. Recently, our expertise team received some common queries on how to export MDaemon to Google Workspace. Because it is a flexible and innovative solution which is newly launched by Google for people and organizations to connect, create and collaborate. Now, let us understand more about what it is and how user can upload their entire database on Google Workspace from MDaemon.

Table of Content

  1. What is Google Workspace?
  2. Why to Migrate MDaemon to Google Workspace?
  3. How to Export MDaemon to G-Workspace?
  4. Guide to Import MDaemon Mailboxes to G-Workspace
  5. Features, FAQS and Reviews

Grab All-in-One MDaemon Migrator and efficiently transfer unlimited MDaemon mailboxes of users to 20+ saving options. It includes PST, MSG, PDF, EML, MBOX, G-Workspace, Exchange Server, Office 365, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and more.

What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace, which earlier is quite popular as G-Suite and Google Apps. It is a set of communication and collaborative apps that is basically designed for people in every type of organization. The communication apps like Gmail and Google Meet of Google Workspace are globally popular and used with collaborative applications like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Forms and Slides. This amazing property of G-Workspace allow multiple people to edit or make changes in a document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time.

The admin is in charge of managing multiple accounts in a Google Workspace. The administrator has a full control over G-Workspace defaults i.e. app access and security settings. Workspace is known for its flexibility as it facilitates different configurations to be implemented to different groups of people or in Workspace terms different organizational units. Most popular apps served by Google Workspace are listed below:

  • Gmail – Widely popular for emailing service
  • Calendar – Scheduling meetings and appointments
  • Meet/Meet hardware – Group Audio and Video Conferencing
  • Chat and Spaces – Team Discussions and Project Places
  • DOCS – Create, View and Edit Documents on Cloud directly
  • Drive – Private storage on cloud to keep shared files and other data
  • Slides & Sheets – Collaborative Spreadsheets and Presentations
  • Keep & Sites – Collaborative web -sites and notes

Why to Migrate MDaemon to G-Workspace?

Google Workspace is somehow accessible on modern desktop platforms web browsers such as Windows and Mac OS. Organizations that are utilizing Workspace also wants to standardize on Google Chrome Browser. Signing with a Chrome in a Workspace account not only provide you the accessibility to Workspace but also allows to experience some chrome-only features.

Many Google Workspace apps are downloadable on Android, iPad OS and iOS systems. Example likes Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive, Sheets, Meet, Chat, Keep and Currents are installable directly from Google Play available in Android or AppStore (Apple).

Benefits of Paid Google Workspace account

There are main three benefits of using a G-Workspace account i.e.

Branding – A user will get the opportunity of working with the organization’s domain name. In such a way, emails will be sent from the domain rather than the address.

Account Management – Workspace enables to management of accounts centrally. One can create or remove the accounts according to employees’ status.

Security – Users and organizations can access multiple security options i.e. longer password, two-factor authentication as well as choose to limit external sharing to avoid undesired data leaks.

How to Export MDaemon to Google Workspace?

To export MDaemon to Google Workspace, users can use MDaemon Export Tool. A remarkable expertise recommended solution to batch export MDaemon users to G-Workspace directly without data loss.

The application offers many powerful features to users. And one of the ultimate properties is its simplified GUI. Any individual user, as well as organization, can make use of the application to precisely upload MDaemon emails, contacts, and calendars to Google Workspace effortlessly. The original content will also remain accurate throughout the process.

The software is equipped with numerous advanced features which are listed in the further section of the article. But, at first, let’s just know the working steps of the app.

Working Guide to Import MDaemon Mailboxes to G-Workspace

Follow the migration steps to import MDaemon mailboxes to Google Workspace in the easiest way possible.

Step 1. Download MDaemon to Google Workspace on Windows.

launch MDaemon Export

Step 2. Add files/folders for migration using Select Files and Select Folder button. Also, one can choose Converting Multiple MDaemon Users options to import multiple MDaemon users to G-Workspace at once. Click Next.

add MDaemon files

Step 3. MDaemon to Google Workspace Tool will scan as well as analyse the loaded MDaemon files or folders and list all the associated user-item list with checkboxes. Users can access this checkbox for selective migration. Press Next.

selective MDaemon conversion

Step 4. From the next screen, go to Select Saving Option drop-down menu and choose the Google Workspace option.

choose saving file type

Step 5. Provide Google Workspace account details and apply Filters accordingly and Press Connect.

Step 6. Tool will start the process instantly and ends with a message “Process Completed Successfully”.

conversion done

The content data integrity remain precise throughout the process. One can login to the specified account and check the migrated database. In case of encountering any issue, use technical support service that is available 24*7 for solving users query.

Experience Incredible Features of MDaemon to Google Workspace App

  • Directly batch upload MDaemon users to G-Workspace domain at once.
  • Dual options “Select Files and Select Folders” to load desired MDaemon files/folders.
  • Able to export multiple MDaemon users to Google Workspace with 100% accuracy.
  • Migrate MDaemon to Google Workspace with original email files, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks.
  • Provides selective and specified migration by offering multiple filters.
  • Built with simple GUI for easy accessibility by any user and organization.
  • Runs on all older and newer versions of Windows OS.
  • Keeps data integrity and folder structure precise after the migration process.
  • Offers different saving options other than Google Workspace i.e. Outlook PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, MSG, Gmail, Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, and more.

Reviews of MDaemon to G-Workspace Tool

“MDaemon to Google Workspace is a wonderful application for exporting unlimited MDaemon users to G-Workspace domain directly. And the best thing about the tool is that it does not affect the data originality.”

“MDaemon to G-Workspace is a blessing for me. I have so many MDaemon users which I wanted to upload in Google Workspace account. I found this amazing application and guess what? In just a matter of seconds it successfully migrates my list of MDaemon users to Google Workspace accurately.”


MDaemon to Google Workspace Tool is an instant, secure and cost-effective solution for migrating MDaemon database to G-Workspace directly. With the help of the app, users can ease their worries and perform the process according to their requirement. Moreover, with a free version of the application, users can check the entire process and export first 25 files from each MDaemon user account to Google Workspace free of cost.