How to Mass Delete Saved Passwords from Google Chrome? [In-Depth-Process]

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Mass Delete Saved Passwords from Google Chrome

In this article, we’ll explain the value of a password manager and go over a few techniques to mass delete saved passwords from Google Chrome. By safely deleting some private information from our computer, we’ll also show the power of a strong file erasure.

Millions of people use the well-liked web browser Google Chrome every day. Since its launch, Google has added a ton of features that make browsing easier for users. One such tool on Google Chrome is the Password Manager that has made deleting and saving passwords much simpler.

But we’re all aware of how susceptible web browsers like Google Chrome are to malware and other online threats. Saving account information, such as passwords, etc., exposes our sensitive data to risk and places it in plain sight of hackers. Therefore, protecting our data becomes essential.

Why Do People Use Google Chrome to Save their Passwords?

Remembering the passwords for various accounts is difficult. We frequently forget items that we haven’t used in a while, which increases the chance that we’ll lose access to our accounts. Many users utilize Google Chrome’s Password Manager to save their credentials in order to avoid this problem.

The browser makes use of this function and saves the login details for multiple websites, making it easier for users. The user’s Gmail account is synced with this function, making the passwords for the accounts accessible from a variety of devices. Users save their passwords to make online access easier when they share their laptops or Chromebooks with family or friends.

The ease of access provided by this feature also raises the possibility of a data leak.

Google Password Manager: What is it?

The Google Password Manager is a service that enables users to safely save and access their multiple account passwords. Users can login in to their preferred websites using this function without having to re-enter their information. The Gmail account sync feature makes all of your passwords and login details accessible across all of the devices you have logged in to.

On the other hand, it does pose a safety risk that could result in unparalleled data loss and breaches. Browser password managers, in the opinion of data security specialists, offer a simple encryption level that can be readily avoided by any hacker. In comparison to offline password managers that offer greater security and other features, they are therefore much more vulnerable.

Where are Passwords Saved in Google Chrome?

All of your Gmail account’s passwords and other related data are securely stored by Google Chrome. To keep login info for numerous websites, it also produces an offline document on the computer’s hard drive.

The URLs of the websites you visited and the email IDs you used to log in are listed in this page. This folder may be found at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Chrome\User Data\Default.

Password Deletion Techniques for Chrome

Let’s look at techniques to delete saved passwords now that we’re aware of how and where Google Chrome keeps them.

Technique 1: Delete Chrome Saved Passwords from your Google Account

The techniques listed below can be used to mass delete saved passwords and login details from devices where you have used the same Gmail ID to log in.

When using a computer-
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • In the top-right corner, press the three dots icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, hit the Settings.
  • Press on the Autofill and passwords in the left panel of the options window.
  • Choose the Password Manager option.
  • Find the Saved Passwords section of the Password Manager window. All of the saved passwords and email addresses can be found here. To remove them, click on each one individually.
If you’re using an Android or iPhone device-
  • Open Google Chrome and select Settings by tapping the 3-dots.
  • Select Password Manager, then click the gear.
  • Find your saved account information.
  • Click Delete.

Your saved passwords and other Google Chrome information will be removed from your Google account but not from the device if you do this.

Technique 2: Erase Saved Password from Google Chrome

You must also delete the saved passwords from your devices after removing them from your Google account. To accomplish this, use a computer.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Hit on the 3-dots icon located in the top-right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, hit the Settings.
  • In the left panel of the Settings window, press the Privacy and security option.
  • Select Clear browsing history.
  • The windows will show. Hit the Advanced.
  • Choose the data you want to delete. Make certain you choose Passwords and other sign-in information.
  • To start the process, click on the Clear data tab.

Technique 3: Turn off Sync and Log Out of your Gmail Account

Some users claimed that erased Chrome data, such as passwords, etc., come back. If the Sync feature is turned on for all of the connected devices, then this can occur. Passwords and other data saved in Google Chrome can be permanently deleted by turning off sync and taking the actions outlined in techniques 1 & 2.

Technique 4: How to Mass Delete Saved Passwords from Google Chrome with Robust Password Eraser Tool

In most circumstances, you can remove your saved passwords from Google Chrome using the above-mentioned techniques. But, there are chances of some info traces being left even after using these. In this situation, utilize a strong and expert tool like CubexSoft Data Erasure Software to permanently erase your saved passwords and other browser history from your computer.

Data Eraser Tool is an advanced and ideal solution which can safely erase all of the data from your system. It uses strong algorithms that overwrite the erased data various times with random data. Multiple passes prevent the overwritten data from being recovered, protecting user data and privacy. Overall, it’s the brilliant solution to solve “how to mass delete saved passwords from Google chrome” within a few moments.

Advices for Managing Passwords

You can use the advice in this section to help you manage and save your passwords on Google Chrome easily.

  • Switch “Offer to save passwords” setting to “OFF.”
  • Toggle the Sync function ON only on the devices you’ll be using if you wish to sync some saved passwords you frequently use on other devices. Keep it off if not.
  • Use the Guest Mode if you’re utilizing a public PC.
  • You can write down your passwords in a notepad if you do not want to save them on Google Chrome. However, it’s not advised because the notebook can disappear.
  • To keep your passwords and login information secure, use a trusted password manager.
  • Don’t let websites remember your details or you. Your saved credentials may be misused by third-party cookies and trackers.
Ending Words

Technology has totally changed how we interact with the world around us. Almost the whole thing we use has been greatly simplified so that we can easily obtain information with only a click.

The way Google Chrome stores our passwords is a prime illustration of this simplification. But this also puts our data and privacy in danger and raises the possibility of data breaches.

As a result, we should be careful when getting rid of our old electronics and make sure that all of our data has been completely erased.

You should be able to remove any saved passwords from Google Chrome on your PC using the techniques described in this write-up.