How to Fix – “Lotus Notes File Does not Exist when Opening Mail” Error

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IBM Lotus Notes is an extensively used emailing app after Microsoft Outlook. Although, it is a popular email client but still at the same time carries certain issues. One such error faced by users of Lotus Notes is “Lotus Notes File Does not Exist when Opening Mail”.

Generally, “Lotus Notes File does not Exist when Opening Mail” error arises due to several reasons. Some scenarios in which it occurs mentioned below:

  • When trying to open an email in IBM Notes application
  • When archiving emails in Lotus Notes
  • Launch of IBM Notes after upgrade process
  • Trying to access email in Local Replica

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Let us start further by discussing more reasons and possible solutions for “Lotus Notes file does not exist when opening mail” error.

When Getting “Lotus Notes File does not exist when Opening Mail” Error?

When Opening Email in Lotus Notes Email App

At times, when a user clicks the required email in IBM Notes, an error message occur “Lotus Notes File does not exist”. It can pop-up when doing other activities than opening email file in Lotus Notes.

Main reasons behind such error messages are as discussed:

  • When working without internet connectivity.
  • When trying to load a file that no longer exists or saved in removable device that unattached to the system.
  • Trying to import non-existing file or attachment.

Possible Solutions:

Carefully check connection of internet and adapters and again try to open emails.

Remove any external storage device and replace it. After done with this, click on mail and try to open it.

You must be careful about the specified location of directory where file is stored. Check it twice to make sure that location of selected directory is accurate.

Also, make sure that key files such as names.nsf, desktop.ndk, bookmark.nsf and cache.ndk present in Notes\Data Directory. If not, then equivalent files .NTF need to be present in Notes\Data Directory.

When Archiving Emails in Lotus Notes

The user of Lotus Notes can archive emails to transfer unnecessary emails. Archiving the old emails can help in reducing size of database. When doing so, an error of “Lotus Notes File does not exist” and pause the process.

Reason – The error can occur if archive NSF is renamed again or removed from the directory.

How to Solve – Navigate to File, go to Database, click Properties and select Archive Settings. Now, check if file is renamed or missing. If it is deleted or removed, create NSF file or rename the same in exact location.

Launch of IBM Notes after Upgrade

If a user is updating new version of Lotus Notes with different account of user, then chance of error is high – “Lotus Notes file does not exist when opening mail”. For e.g. a user has installed Notes 8.5.2 Fix Pack 3 and not using the same user account as using in earlier version. After installation completes, start Lotus Notes application again. This will help in preventing the occurrence of error message.

How to Fix – The error can be avoided by installing updated version with same user account with which earlier one was installed. After installation completed, start Lotus Notes app again. It will help in avoiding error message to occur again.

Accessing Email in Local Replica

When a user tries to access email in a local replica, then there are chances of an error message.

By using local replica instead of server copy is the common cause for such type of error. In addition, unintentional deletion of Lotus Notes temporary files i.e. DTF is one of the common reason of the issue. At times, anti-virus software activities also play a crucial role in temporary file deletion.

Solutions – Try multiple tasks to solve this error:

  • Try to open mail in server copy to see the effects.
  • Relaunch of IBM Notes can solve the issue.
  • Anti-virus software configuration excluding .DTF files from it can help to resolve the error.
  • Updating anti-virus software of latest version for the system.

By implementing the above-discussed solution, there are possibilities that the issues can be solved.

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