How to Export Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace / G Suite / Gmail

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Are you looking for solution to export from Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace / Gmail or G Suite account directly? Then this write up is accurate platform for you to overcome from Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace migration problem within few minutes. After following the blog, you will be capable to completely migrate emails from Ipswitch to Gmail / Google Workspace / G Suite account.

We know that Ipswitch IMail has announced that it will be discontinued on 30 November 2024. Therefore, there are lots of Ipswitch IMail account users who would like to transfer data in Gmail webmail account. Now the question arises that why G Suite or Google Workspace app? For that there may many reasons to accept Google Workspace from Ipswitch IMail account. Lets know with its some reasons

Why Google Workspace from Ipswitch

  • Gmail has very user-friendly & easy interface so anybody can easily access it.
  • Google Workspace has vey low maintenance charge in comparision to Ipswitch IMail.
  • Admins effortlessly account setup on Google Workspace.
  • Gmail provides the best safety functions for accessing it.
  • Ipswitch IMail will be not continuing after 30 Nov 2024.
  • Gmail has more attractive features than Ipswitch IMail.

After hearing the discontinuing news about Ipswitch IMail; its users are worried and disappointed with it. Therefore, they are finding other alternative to Ipswitch IMail account data.

Google Workspace (Gmail) is in trend among users and almost users prefer to replace Ipswitch IMail with Gmail. But their main concern that they don’t want to miss their old data as Ipswitch IMail Server is holding the industry since 1994.

Best Solution for Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace Migration

If you are having need to change Ipswitch IMail to Gmail account and also searching an exact solution then stop finding any solution for that more. Because CubexSoft has launched Ipswitch IMail IMAP Backup Tool that has complete efficiency to directly migrate Ipswitch IMail accounts data to Google Workspace account. It is completely automated utility that has only need for your IMAP accounts details of Ipswitch IMail account & login details of Google Workspace account.

How to Export from Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace – Complete Guide

  • Firstly download the Ipswitch IMail to Gmail Tool and properly install, launch it on your computer screen.
  • Fill IMAP Server credentials on your Ipswitch IMail account with IMAP Host number & port number. You can also use batch mode for multiple Ipswitch IMail accounts to Gmail backup at once. You can also go with proxy server option for executing process with proxy server details of Ipswitch IMail account. Click on login button.
  • Now the software starts loading the Ipswitch IMail account data in tree structure with check boxes. You can tick or untick on the file for the selection of the data files.
  • Then go with Filters options and apply filters according to your requirement.
  • After that go with backup option and choose Gmail option from the saving options.
  • Fill Gmail login details. And click on backup button to start the process.
  • After that migration process will start with green progress status bar and also complete with a conversion completed successfully message.

Benefits of the Ipswitch IMail to Gmail Tool

Batch Approach – If you are connected with any organization and have multiple Ipswitch IMail accounts then you can use its batch mode option that can directly convert multiple Ipswitch IMail accounts data to Google Mail account at once and save your time from single round processing.

Save attachments & Mail Address on Local System – The Software has an advanced benefit that it can save your attachments & mail address of Ipswitch IMail account on your local system PC without any error.

Proxy Server Option – The Ipswitch IMail to Google Workspace tool is remarkable solution. If you have only Proxy Server details of your Ipswitch IMail account then try its Proxy Server option that easily loads all data from Ipswitch IMail account by only Proxy Server credentials only.

Filters – The utility comprehends your all demands and your specified emails backup from Ipswitch IMail account to Gmail. So it has filters option that has multiple advanced filters options that provides specified emails backup from large database.

No File Size Limitation – If you have large data files of Ipswitch IMail account then the software also works smoothly and rapidly migrate Ipswitch IMail emails to Google Workspace account without misplacing any file or detail. Because it has no file size & quantity limit.

Backup all mail elements & attachments – The Ipswitch IMail to G Suite tool enables to save all mail attributes – metadata, formatting, images, hyperlinks, etc; and it also maintains mail attachments in their original file format.

Compatibility in Mac & Windows OS – In these days, Windows & macOS both Opetating Systems machines are popular among users therefore, you can simply access the software on any Windows & Mac OS editions and effortlessly convert Ipswitch IMail IMAP to Gmail account without any error.


As we know that Ipswitch IMail Server is no longer and discontinuing soon therefore, it is the right time to export from Ipswitch IMail Server to G Suite account. We have discussed a step by step guide of Ipswitch IMail IMAP to Gmail backup tool to understand how to convert emails from Ipswitch  IMail server to Google Workspace account by providing only account credentials of your both mail accounts. If you have any confusion or query then resolve it with our technical support team that is available at 24X7.