How to Import, Migrate OST to Mac Apple Mail using OST to Apple Mail Tool

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In the further section, we have discussed a method which can help to move OST file of Outlook Offline Exchange Server to Mac Mail using OST to Apple Mail Tool. The application has been programmed by experts only after going through the user requirements and demand. Free OST to Mac Mail Tool download edition available which allows to export first 20 OST files to MBOX.

How to Export Outlook OST to Apple Mail?

MS Outlook is a popular email application and used by almost every user across the world. And OST and PST are the two formats that are supported by the application to store the data such as emails, calendar, contacts, events and reminders. OST files are Outlook Offline data file which gets created when Outlook is synchronized with Exchange Server. Whereas PST is online Outlook data file extension that does not require connection with Exchange Server and directly saved as Outlook.pst.

Apple Mail is also be called as Mac Mail, a default email application for Mac OS X users. Users can easily configure accounts of Yahoo, Gmail, GMX Mail, AOL Mail, Rediffmail etc. into Apple Mail by selecting POP3 or IMAP to send/receive, email management and messages. For converting OST to Apple Mail, users require to perform a conversion of OST file either in EMLx or MBOX. Both are acceptable by the application. And in order to execute this process, OST Converter can be used which can easily batch migrate OST file to Apple Mail in seconds with attachments. But, first understand situations that force users to export Outlook Offline folder data file to Mac Mail.

Situation #1. Users who are aware of Exchange Account details

As already discussed that OST files are created when Exchange and IMAP account is configured in Outlook Windows account. Similarly, you can add Exchange account by utilizing IMAP migration technique. It enables to configure different email account in Mac Mail with ease.

So, if a user carries all details of existing Exchange account which was used earlier in MS Outlook account, then manually configuration can be done of that profile in Mac Mail. It is one of the simple way to convert OST to Mac Mail. By implementing this, one can export OST file to Apple Mail without any headache.

Follow the steps to configure Exchange Account in Apple Mail application:

Step 1. Open Apple Mail, go to Preferences and click Accounts.

Step 2. Click Add (+) icon present on lower left corner of the window to open Add Account Wizard.

Step3. Choose Exchange from the available account and press Continue.

Step 4. Exchange window will appear, enter the required credentials. Then click Continue.

Step 5. If Auto discovery option is enabled in Exchange Server, the mail automatically setting up a server. Otherwise, a message will prompt and ask to provide server address. In case, if you do not know, kindly contact Exchange Server administrator.

Step 6. You can add folders like contacts and calendar when connecting Exchange with Apple Mail. Now select the desired app and press Done.

Step 7. At last, Exchange account will get configured to Apple Mail email client.

Situation #2. Users who deactivated their account and possesses OST file

At times, users want to configure Yahoo, Office 365, Gmail or Exchange account in MS Outlook app. And deleting them forever from Outlook can give you stress afterwards. Because if you have connected these accounts and saved some files which gets created in OST format then it will be difficult for a user to read its data because it requires its supported platform for the same. Common real-life situation facing by user:

Recently I moved from Outlook to Apple Mail due to business needs. Actually, my company make use of Gmail account for emailing purpose. And, the same ID I used for Outlook account. The company changes my system without my acknowledgement and deleted my Gmail account.  The issue in front of me is that I require some old emails from my Google account. And the only way I can retrieve them is by extracting them from OST file that was created in Outlook when I set up Gmail account in it. But, no other method is available for importing OST to Apple Mail. If anyone knows a solution, please recommend ASAP!

The story does not end here, many times when employees leaves the company, their seniors remove their Exchange account. But OST file is still there in the machine. In case, when there is a need to access those data of terminated employee on Apple Mail, then no option left to view it. Because, manually no method available for importing OST to Apple Mail. Therefore, OST Converter came into existence so that users can instantly migrate OST file to Mac Mail.

OST to Apple Mail – Ultimate Method

Follow the steps and understand the working process to convert OST to Mac Mail using the software.

Step 1. Install and open OST to Apple Mail Tool.

Step 2. Click either Add File or Add Folder button to load OST files from source path. Once all its folder items appear on the screen, click on the desired folder and all its contained files will display on right software pane. Click desired file and view it’s data  on Preview window.

Step 3. Press Export button and choose EMLx as a saving option to save OST file into EMLx format. Also, choose the required sub-options to save OST as EMLx.

Step 5. Select MBOX as a saving option to import OST files to MBOX. And select the required related properties to save OST as MBOX.

Step 6. Hit Browse button and select saving path as per need to save resultant file. Finally, tap Convert to start converting OST files to Mac Mail.

OST to Mac Mail – Important Features

The software is equipped with easy functionality and lot of features which can be used not only by professionals but also novice users can used the application and migrate OST to Apple Mail. Some main features of the tool are described below:

100% Secure and Reliable Solution to Access: The OST to Mac Mail application is entirely secure and safe for migration. No virus or malware is contained by the software. Also, you will not experience any data loss when performing the conversion of OST mailbox to Apple Mail.

Batch Import OST Files to Mac Apple Mail: The tool facilitates to add a complete folder by utilizing Add Folder button. Just keep all your desired files in a single folder, add the same by clicking on Add Folder button and convert the entire OST folder to EMLx or MBOX.

Maintains OST Email Metadata & Properties: OST to Mac Mail application is programmed in a way that it will take care of all the metadata formatting and properties of OST file during conversion process. All the main components such as To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, Date etc. will remain accurate and intact throughout the process. Also folder structure will be preserved after migration of OST files to Apple Mail.

File Size Limitation for Conversion not exists: In case you are having numerous OST files which you want to convert to Mac Mail, then it can be easily performed with the help of this application. The software is capable to convert unlimited OST files without any hassle.


In the page, we have gone through the method that can be used by users for moving OST files to Apple Mail. OST to Apple Mail is completely safe and easy to use and carries simple working interface to migrate OST files to Mac Mail. The software offers free demo which allows to convert first 20 OST files to EMLx or MBOX at free of cost. Moreover, all Outlook editions including Outlook 2019 and Windows OS including Win 10 are supported by the tool.

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