Import MBOX Files in Gmail with Attachments

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Read the article to know how to import MBOX files in Gmail with Attachment. If you are searching for a simple technique to import MBOX mailboxes in Google Workspace, then follow the mentioned two amazing manual and automated techniques.

The migration process of files from MBOX Email to Gmail/G Suite account can be done using easy working steps. Gather the 100% perfect result of MBOX emails into Gmail without having any additional application during the migration. The tutorial is illustrated in the coming section.

Why You Should Export MBOX Files into Gmail Account

You are using an email provider that supports MBOX files. If it is not capable of fulfilling your needs, then in such a situation you prefer to go with the Gmail application, because it is one of the best and popular email service provider. But you cannot leave the previous MBOX data, so here you need to import all your MBOX data into Gmail account.

There are many files on your Windows machine which take up a lot of storage space. Then you want to clear the space by deleting them. But the files are very important for you. Then you downloaded all your valuable emails and files on your operating system to the drive and deleted all the old emails. Later, if you want to access all your emails, then you will need to load the MBOX files into your Gmail account.

If you have an MBOX file and you want to read it, then you need software to read it. The best solution for this is to convert the MBOX file to Gmail. By doing this, not only can you read your file, but you can access MBOX files in Gmail as per your need.

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How to Open MBOX Files or Emails into Gmail Manually

You can export MBOX emails into Gmail using the supported email client Mozilla Thunderbird. To do this, first you need to add the export-import tools NG extension. It will totally help you to export MBOX files into Gmail account.

Now Follow the Manual Guide to Import and Export MBOX File into Gmail

Step 1. Firstly open a Gmail account in the Thunderbird email client.

Step 2. When the application is opened then click on the Tab Tools option in the menu bar.

Step 3. Now, choose the Import Export Tools option from the list.

Step 4. Hit on the Import MBOX file and after that, a new wizard will get opened.

Step 5. After that check the option to import directly one or more MBOX files and then click on the OK button.

Step 6. Now, select the path on your system where you saved the MBOX files.

Step 7. Finally, press the Open button and the MBOX email will get exported to your Gmail account.

There is no doubt that trying the manual process is very difficult and too much complicated. The above manual solution can generate some problems. So that’s why it is highly suggested to utilize the professional expert solution for a protective and exact conversion result. Using third-party software is a more reliable and effective technique to import MBOX files into a Gmail/G Suite account. We always recommend using trusty, efficient, and user-friendly software.

Automated Guide of MBOX Email into Gmail Converter

Step 1.  You have to install the MBOX Email to Gmail application on your pc.

Step 2. Use Add File option and Add Folder option.

Step 3. After selecting any one of the above options, press on Next.

Step 4.  Add the login id and password of the Gmail account.

Step 5. Hit on the Export that directly starts the migration process.

Step 6. Now, check your all selected MBOX email messages are successfully save into Gmail account.


From this article, it is quite clear that professional utility permits you to easily import MBOX Files in Gmail with Attachments like hyperlinks, email properties, mail header, images, and other details of files without any single modification in the MBOX file or folder structure. It is a convenient procedure for all types of users with or without a technical background can use the process to export all MBOX files into Gmail. Furthermore, download the free Demo version of this converter for freely testing the complete procedure without any paid.