Why is My Windows Live Mail Not Responding?

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Reliable steps to fix this and get out of this problem

Are you a Windows Live Mail user and facing issues while using it? Then, you are not alone. There are many Live Mail users who are wondering “Why is my Windows Live Mail Not Responding?” and waiting for a trustworthy solution for the same. Read this blog till the end to get different methods to fix and stop it from recurring again?

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Windows Live Mail Explanation

Windows Live Mail is a popular email client for Windows OS and comes with Windows Live Essentials 2011. It offers email, contacts, calendar, RSS feed management, access to Usenet and other features to its users. All these features make Windows Live Mail a very useful and suitable alternative to the costly MS Outlook.

Despite many beneficial features of Live Mail, many times we have to face different types of problems in Windows Live Mail. And the most common problem is frozen application that prevents you from opening and accessing any of the different views and accounts set by you. .

If your Windows Live Mail is not responding correctly and if you want a reliable solution to fix it or get out of this problem, then follow the given below fixes carefully.

Check Your Internet Connection

Windows Live Mail application needs Internet connectivity to send and retrieve emails. Furthermore, you may have set up one or more of your email accounts, using either POP, IMAP, or MAPI (in case of Windows Live Mail accounts,.

As you know there can be many reasons for software not working and frozen accounts or error issues, due to which Windows Live Mail users have to face problems. So let us now troubleshoot this:  first we will open our browser and check if it is working fine. If it is good, then don’t worry your internet connectivity is perfectly fine, now you can go to the next step. (BTW, you can solve your Internet problems yourself by restarting your PC and modem/router.)

Most of the hanging issues in Windows Live Mail can be caused by the problems that the app experiences while receiving emails. Notably, the app is not compatible with large sized IMAP inboxes, so if you are using this type of email account having unlimited emails or folders then you are advised to go with a different email client and solve this problem. Otherwise, you should contact your email server administrator to check for any problems.

Stopping and Restarting Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail freezing and hanging problems are very difficult to get rid of, so clicking CTRL+ALT+DEL or right-clicking the Windows taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager is the ideal way to close and exit the application. Find the application in the task manager and click on End Process and then restart the WLM application on your system again.

Most times, WLM will take a few minutes to start, but once done it will work without any problems and you can carry on with your work smoothly.

However, it doesn’t happen every time.

Still, Having Problems? Reinstall Windows Live Mail

If you are not satisfied with the previous suggestions and your Windows Live Mail is still not working then try running the application in safe mode?  (Restart your PC, then tap F8 after the BIOS splash screen, and select the Safe Mode with networking). I think the problem is resolved and the application is not hanging. But working in Safe Mode is not ideal.

You can resolve this by saving a backup of your Windows Live Mail account data using Menu >> Export option and then delete the email account. The next step is to Reboot your system into full Windows and try opening Windows Live Mail again. Check if it is working without any problem, and then start adding your email accounts again.

When everything fails, then the Final option is to repair WLM application. Do this via start > Control Panel > Program > Uninstall a program and after that double-click on Windows Live Essentials 2011. Choose Repair All Windows Live Programs option and wait for some time. The WLM application is repaired and reinstalled and your problem is solved.

Still Not Satisfied with Windows Live Mail Application? Then Try Following Method

If all the above methods fails to provide any solution, then the last option is to export all Windows Live Mail emails in another useful file format or cloud application. You can easily do so using Windows Live Mail Converter that provides trustworthy solution to move WLM emails and contacts to PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML, Office 365, Exchange Server, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, Gmail, G Suite and more.