Ignore a Thread in Mozilla Thunderbird

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Mozilla Thunderbird is the best open source application which provides many features for their users, and an option to ignore a thread is one of them. This feature helps users for ignoring threads in Thunderbird account. Usually, users want to use this particular option to skip those email conversation in which they are not interested and some users want to ignore those messages which are not related to the subject of email.

Ignoring Thread in Thunderbird Account

Follow the simple steps from your Thunderbird account to ignore unwanted thread:

Step 1. Open that thread which you want to ignore.

Step 2. Right-Click on the opened thread.

Step 3. Go with the option that is Ignore Thread.

Note: You can also do this instantly by a shortcut key of your keyboard i.e. “K”. This key refers as “Kill”.

Through the help of these steps, you can ignore thread. These messages will never delete themselves, but will never show you in that thread. For new messages in the same thread will not generate any new mail notification. So if you want to view other messages of the same thread, you need to open that thread and read them.

Ignoring Subthread

The process to ignore a subthread is similar, but through this, you can only hide or ignore selected message. Mostly this feature of the Mozilla Thunderbird account is used to stop viewing off-topic replies of a certain thread.

Now, in same way, right-click on the desired messages and then select the Ignore Subthread option.

How to View or Read Ignore Threads?

After ignoring any thread or subthread, you will not able to view or read any of those messages until you follow these steps:

  1. Open the Thunderbird account and then go with View section.
  2. Now, choose Threads option from where you need to checkmark Ignore Threads.

After these steps, you will view or read your ignored threads again. You can also make them as ignored message again by selecting Ignore Thread.


Through this article, you can now understand the complete procedure to set any messages as ignored in the required thread. This process is suggested by Mozilla Thunderbird Support, so it is completely safe and secure. You can follow these steps without any issue or error and without getting any help from technical user.

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