How to View and Open TAR.GZ Files on Windows OS 10?

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There are numerous file extensions and the TAR.GZ or can be called as TGZ extension is also one of them. TGZ is the compressed Zip folders that may contain files and can be viewed after the extracting process.

This compressed archive file format is completely supportable for MAC and UNIX operating systems, but most of the users of the TGZ extension want to view and open their TGZ files on Windows Operating System.

In this article, I am going to explain some solutions which may help you to get the exact view of TGZ extensions files. You can follow the steps for this procedure without any loss issues.

View TGZ Files with Some Tools

  • WinZip

WinZip is the quickest way to open and view all files from TGZ Zip. This tool is most popular for the processing of this software through which any users can open all major file formats including TAR.GZ or TGZ files.

The procedure of the WinZip is simple and easy to follow:

  1. Find saved TGZ file in your computer system.
  2. Start the WinZip tool, with the use of the File tab you are required to go with the Open and Select the TGZ file.
  3. Choose the required files or folders from the TGZ Zip file.
  4. After the selection of files and folders, you need to hit on the Unzip tab. Then select the destination location of the local computer hard drive.
  5. Now, you can view all TGZ extracted files on the selected path of the computer system.
  • File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus tool is the universal tool which lets users to view any archive Zip file. It is also known for its direct interface, advanced performance, and its features to open the TGZ archive file.

To understand and view the functionality for both these tools you can use them with free editions which can provide an overview of their processing.

Which Software Best To View and Open TGZ Files on Windows?

As we all know that there is no inbuilt tool to extract TGZ compressed archive file in Windows including Windows 10, so it is necessary to use any third-party software.

There are many automated software available on the web for this process and I have tried more than 15 tools. Finally, I found the best one that is the CubexSoft TGZ File Converter software, with this software you can follow the steps to save TGZ Zip file on the hard drive into various file formats. You can choose that particular file format in which you want to view all files from TAR.GZ Zip.

This utility can extract the TGZ file into PDF, PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, etc. It can also export files from TGZ Zip into various cloud apps like Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Exchange Server,, and so on.

This tool provides a simple interface for all technical and non-technical users:

Step 1. Launch the tool on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Step 2. Select Files or Select TGZ Zip file and then view all loaded items.

Step 3. Choose the required file format or web app.

Step 4. Select that path where all files from TGZ Zip will be saved.

Step 5. Click on the Export tab to start the process.

Download Free Edition of The tool Now

You can also try this software with its demo edition which is free for all users and allows users to view and open TGZ Zip file with some limited data.

With these features, this tool provides the best way to view TGZ archive file on Windows OS 10. This third-party tool is also recommended for its consistency as the tool retains the folders and files structure and save all data into the desired output option.

Final Note

This post is published to resolve the queries for those users who want to view their TGZ Zip file on Windows 10 and other Windows OS. You can try these procedures of various tools to open the required items of the TGZ Zip file.

You can choose from these procedures according to your need, but it is completely suggested to all users that download the tools with its free edition and then decide the best way as per the required necessary.