How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files/Folders from Windows PC?

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Data loss is day by day becoming a common phenomenon in changing IT environment. When a system user encounter the situation of unintentionally deleted data, then it is sufficient to carve out that deleted data.

Let us understand this more by considering a scenario. For e.g. you deleted a folder named Data Recovery accidentally from hard drive when cleaning a PC. You open recycle bin but you failed to find it because the folder got deleted with Shift+Delt key in spite of Delete option. In addition, you tried to restore the same from backup, unfortunately the backup also you had was not last.

Now, you are stuck in a situation where you unable to find a solution of it and continuously thinking of how to recover accidentally deleted files/folders from system.

Before knowing the possible methods of how to recover deleted folders, let us first understand the common factors behind folder deletion and possibility to restore accidentally deleted folder from the system.

Reasons behind Accidental Data Deletion

There are numerous reasons that can explain how the data lost or deleted from PC:

  • Hard Disk Drive Corruption
  • Attack of Malware/Virus
  • Software Clash
  • Electricity Fluctuation
  • Overvoltage or Power Failure
  • Shift+Delt operation
  • Unintentional System Formatting

Is it possible to cancel the folder deletion from PC?

If a folder is deleted using Shift+Delt key, then it indicates that files are permanently deleted. However, it is permanently deleted for a user but in reality it is not. This process eliminates the pointer to a file or folder and marks the space of reuse instead of making it delete. So, a room for recovery exists.

Note: When you face data loss, do not every try to perform the recovery by yourself.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Files or Folders?

There are multiple methods that can help to recover accidentally deleted files or folders from the PC. The common approaches discussed below:

Approach 1. Restore Data from Previous Session

It is a simple and effective way for data restore. To implement it, one should have activated Restore object.

Follow the steps to perform the same:

  1. Quickly create new empty folder.
  2. Rename the same using the same name.
  3. Right-click on a file.
  4. Choose option Restore previous version.
  5. From list of previous version, select last updated folder.
  6. Hit Restore.

Approach 2. Restore Data from History

It is another simple method available to restore accidentally deleted folder.

Follow the steps as mentioned:

  1. Go to Start and enter History.
  2. Select History Folder.
  3. Navigate to search bar, enter folder name.
  4. Select the same and click Restore icon.

Approach 3. Use of Specialised Tool

It is one of the popular and highly recommended solution for data recovery. Many users are using it. Even the non-technical users are purchasing it as it possesses easy and friendly GUI. It is reliable, easy to use, offers quick processing and great security. The software is entirely free of manual intrusion and is totally a DIY solution.

There are many companies in the market who offers recovery services to restore accidentally deleted files or folders from PC. But, in case data is essential and want it back with 100% accuracy, then it is necessary to always go with expert advice. So, according to user analysis and recommendations, here is a suggestion: CubexSoft Data Recovery Software.

About CubexSoft Data Recovery Services Standard

The offered recovery tool by CubexSoft is a perfect combination of optimum performance and optimum functionality. The application allows to recover lost deleted files or folder such as office presentations, videos, images, audios, email files, system folder etc. It can be used for both internal/external hard drives and removable storage drives recovery. The powerful software guarantees recovery of data with 100% accuracy. Follow the steps and check software processing for how to recover accidentally deleted files/folders from PC:

Step 1. Download, run and open the application on Windows.

Step 2. Choose desired recovery option from the list of recovery choices.

Restore permanently deleted files

Step 3. Now, the tool will show the disk structure and disk information on the screen. Select the desired disk to scan and recover accidentally deleted files. Once done, click Next.

Complete Hard Disk Recovery

Step 4. Recovery software will scan the entire selected disk drive, extract all available and deleted data and display the same on the system with checkbox. The recovered data will appear in red color. You can select the checkbox of desired file and click on save button. Select desired location and click OK.

Choose File Formats

Step 5. As soon as you click OK, software start the process and save the file at desired location. The process will complete with a message “Saving Completed Successfully”. Click OK to exit.

recovery Done

Now, you can visit the chosen location and check the recovered data on your own.


Data loss is a common issue for every user and organization. Earlier the means are not sufficient to recover lost data. Now, many companies are coming up, daily launching their ultimate utilities to ease the lives of users. Moreover, it is always recommended to take the backup of your data regularly. However, in case you forget to take backup of file and faces accidentally deleted files case, then you can use the software. By using the free demo version, you can check the all recovery options and software process. Even, the application will recover each and every item from the system which was accidentally deleted but you unable to save it. To perform the same, license key is must. But, with freeware edition, you can analyse and evaluate software operational steps as well as features.