How to Print Multiple Outlook Emails to PDF? – Learn Effective Tips and Tricks

Ritu Roy | Email Conversion How to's Outlook Technology | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Nowadays, there are number of users who want to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF format, because PDF files are easily accessible with application like Adobe Reader. After the batch convert of Outlook emails into PDF format, the users can instantly print email messages, because PDF files are compatible and without any data loss, users can save crucial information. The blog post explains the solutions on how to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF with the help of both manual and automated ways. Users can easily select any of them as per their requirements.

“I want to export Outlook 2019 emails to PDF for a project. I know we can save manual way to emails as PDF format by installing both Adobe Reader and Microsoft Outlook on the PC. But, I have faced some other troubles, my MS Outlook 2019 is not working properly and also I do not have so much of time to spend, so I want to convert emails from PST to PDF format as soon as possible. If anyone has the best solution to my question then please suggest me the same.”

Before starting with the manual solution to convert multiple Outlook emails to PDF, first let’s know the benefits of exporting the PST data into PDF file format.

Merits to Import Outlook 2019 Emails to PDF Format

Following are some of the benefits to save Outlook Emails as PDF format:

  • The PDF files establish the documents in an electronic format that is freedom of hardware, software, and the operating system.
  • The PDF is a freeware application as compared with Microsoft Outlook.
  • PDF files is safe and secure when protected with user and owner passwords.
  • These files can be compressed so that it can be shared online.
  • The security settings of these files can be changed so as to prohibit users from editing, printing, etc.

How to Save Emails from Outlook to PDF Manually?

There are multiple free manual solutions available for the user’s question “how to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF”, but due to the high risk of data damages and corruption, these solutions are not used by many users. Also, manual solutions are technical, which becomes complicated for non-technical users to follow them. Therefore, users find for the conversion solutions that are easy and reliable to use and also gives 100% successful results.

Follow the Step-by-Step Process to Convert Outlook PST to PDF:

  • Step 1. Run Microsoft Outlook Email Application
  • Step 2. Then, choose the Email that you want to save as PDF, Now go to File Menu >> Save As >> and then save it as the .html format.
  • Step 3. After this, open that .html file and right-press on it. Then, choose “Open With” option and open the file, MS Word.
  • Step 4. From the File Menu bar >> Hit on Save as option >> and then choose a .pdf format to save the data as PDF document.

The above-discussed method is very lengthy to export Outlook emails to PDF, as it needs one-by-one processing. But if you have to execute the migration on a large scale, then it is not suggested to use manual solutions. As these methods do not support batch processing of emails and attachments. Therefore, these solutions are not 100% secure as there are situations of data loss and also data corruption.

Method to Transfer Outlook Emails to Adobe PDF Format

Do you want to know how to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF without Outlook? Yes, then you can go for an expert utility i.e. Outlook Converter. This application is a powerful utility to batch import Outlook data files to PDF format with all details and including attachments. This software is programmed to help users overcome the issues which they were facing using manual methods


In the above blog post, both manual and automated solutions are explained to print multiple Outlook emails to PDF. You can opt any of the recommended methods as per their wants. You can avail the professional solution also to save emails as PDF in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc., as the software offers the demo edition. After getting the proper knowledge and satisfaction they can further buy the licensed key of the software.