How to Move Thunderbird Emails to a New Computer?

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In this session, you will understand the process to know how to move Thunderbird emails to a new computer. This complete guide will help you to follow the procedure to copy all Thunderbird emails along with contacts, calendars, appointments, address books, and other Thunderbird data to another computer.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best open-source email applications and provides many facilities for its users. Sometimes, users want to use their Thunderbird account from a new computer but for this, you need to follow some steps to take all Thunderbird Profile data into the required new PC. Transferring MBOX files is not sufficient to get complete Thunderbird Profile data to a new computer. You need to understand the complete guide through which you can get your whole Thunderbird Profile database into another location (new computer).

Techniques to Move Thunderbird Emails to Another Computer

Method 1. Copy Thunderbird Data to New Computer

Before the start of this method, it is advised to all users of the Thunderbird email application to take a backup of the complete data of Thunderbird Profile.

  1. Copy Thunderbird Profile folder from the default location and then paste it into the required computer system in which you want to use your Thunderbird account.
  2. Now, start the Mozilla Thunderbird on your new PC and follow the further process by clicking on the Tools option.
  3. From this section of the app, you need to select the ImportExportTools option.
  4. Lastly, click on the Import Profile and locate the transferred Thunderbird Profile, then add it.

This process can be tried but it is also noticed that data loss occurrence also happens with this method. Or sometimes through this method attachments, images, and header details are not copied in the new computer system.

Method 2. Move Thunderbird Emails to a New Computer

To get complete Thunderbird Profile data to another computer, you must try the automated software that is the Thunderbird Converter tool. Through the help of this particular software, you can easily get all details of every selected file or folder without any change in the structural elements of data. You can easily understand the steps of this utility as it provides all required sections and features with user-oriented view.

Not only this process but also it can export data directly from Thunderbird Profile to Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail, and other offline or online email applications. This can also convert Thunderbird emails to PDF so that users can easily manage their Thunderbird emails on other devices in PDF file format.

Final Words

To understand how to move Thunderbird emails to a new computer you can try both methods step by step. As the results are not certain of the first method to save Thunderbird emails to another computer, the second method can be considered as the best and secure method to get complete Thunderbird database on a new computer system.