Want to Know How to Move EML File to Gmail? Get Complete Tutorial!

Sarabjeet Kaur | Email Conversion email migration Software Technology | 5 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,
eml to gmail conversion
  • How to move EML file to Gmail Account?
  • How to upload EML files to Gmail with attachments?
  • How to access EML files to Gmail webmail account?

If you are searching for a solution for above mentioned and related problems, then stop your search because here I am going to provide complete guidance for resolving these problems. So, keep reading this post till the end and get the perfect solution for EML to Gmail Conversion. Before knowing the solution, first, let’s know about EML File and Gmail.

EML File: EML files are single email files that are introduced by Windows Live Mail and other email clients and contain plain ASCII text format for attachments, hyperlinks header details, etc. This file extension is used by many different platforms i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Live Mail, and the up-to-date edition of Outlook.

Gmail: Gmail is one of the most developed and advanced products of Google Inc. providing free online emailing facility. It can be used with different types of devices i.e. phones, laptops, computers, tablets etc. Gmail accounts can be easily accessed on any operating system like- Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, etc. Gmail comes with an upgrade facility such as G Suite, which is helpful to access corporate email IDs with their domain names and without gmail.com.

Why Manual Method is Not the Best Choice?

Manual method is good if users want to upload a few EML files to Gmail. But, if you have numerous EML files, then the Manual way will be lengthy or time-consuming and may also damage the important EML files throughout the conversion procedure. It does not allow to convert files in bulk because this process is only suitable to move a few EML files to Gmail account. This method fully depends on technical steps. There is no option to upload unlimited EML files to Gmail in a single go.

There are multiple reasons which users face with manual solution. So, we don’t suggest you go with this process. However, we provide an accurate and safe solution for this problem and this process is better than the manual way.

EML Messages to Gmail Migration Tool- Directly Move EML File to Gmail Account

EML to Gmail Migration Tool is a third-party application that has the ability to directly upload EML files to Gmail account without any error. This tool offers the facility to move only selective folders. It helps the users to move the specific EML files to Gmail. It allows the batch mode to upload multiple EML files in Gmail with attachments in a few seconds without wasting data and your precious time.

With the preview option, users can review and check all the details of EML files. This software maintains all properties of files such as metadata, formatting, hyperlinks, images, text, etc. It is well-supported to move EML files extracted from many email client applications i.e. Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, eM Client, Dream Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc. for migration into Gmail account.

Moreover, this tool provides you with a save report option to save a complete progress report of this procedure and this report contains file name, total items, duration of process, saved to, and status. The software provides multiple advanced filters for selective data migration such as all date filters, subject filters, attachment filters, and other header filters. This software is entirely based on Windows OS and can be worked with all Windows OS, which includes Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc.

Working Steps to Upload EML Files to Gmail with Attachments

Download, install & run the tool on your Windows OS

Then go with Select Files/Folders option if you know the right location of EML files and use Search Files option if  you don’t know the exact location of EML files


View all  opted EML files in  the Preview section and check the relevancy of opted files


Then, click on Export tab and choose Gmail from Select Saving Options


Now, add your Gmail Account login details and apply needed  Filters


Finally, hit on Convert tab to start the migration process and wait for the message “Conversion Done Successfully


Why Choose Professional Third-Party Tool?

The program offers so many advanced features and benefits to move EML files to Gmail account including all attachments. Through this amazing tool, users can simply upload EML files to Gmail quickly.

  • Bulk File Conversion: The program supports moving EML files to Gmail account in bulk. It means you can successfully upload countless EML files to Gmail without facing any problems.
  • Provide Advance Filters Option: It offers multiple advance filter options like date filter, email filter, and attachment filter. Also, this application is totally free from any kind of risk & virus.
  • Maintains Data Integrity: The program keeps the data integrity of files throughout the conversion task. The Metadata elements are retained even after the procedure.
  • Safe to Upload EML Files to Gmail with Attachments: This application is safe and secure as it doesn’t save any details like Gmail account login credentials.
  • Easy to Use Tool: The program comes up with a very simple and users- friendly interface, so technical and non-technical users can simply use this utility without any expert help.
  • Suitable with all Windows OS: The tool is suitable with all the versions of Windows OS like Win10, Win8.1, Win8, Win7, Win XP, and others.

Last Lines

In this post, we have explained the professional and most reliable solution i.e. EML Converter to Gmail Tool for resolving how to move EML file to Gmail along with attachments. It is a secure and easy way of uploading limitless EML files to Google account. This tool comes up with a free trial version facility to check the whole program features and workings with the conversion of the first 25 EML files free of cost. If you are having EML files in batch then you have to go with the license edition of the program.


Q. Does this program move multiple EML files to Gmail?

A. Yes, this application can move limitless EML files to Gmail account in one go without generating any problem of data loss and damage.

Q. Does the tool move attachments of EML File?

A. Of course, the tool moves EML file with attachments and properties such as to, cc, bcc, from, subject, and so on.

Q. Is there any conversion restriction in the free demo?

A. Yes, if you download the free demo copy of the application, you will be capable to upload the first 25 EML items per selected folder to Gmail free of cost.