How to Install and Configure Lotus Notes 9 on Windows?

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Looking for the complete and brief information about the installation of IBM Notes 9 on Windows machine? Then, no need to worry anymore because here we will discuss the whole procedure of Lotus Notes 9.0 installation and configuration on your Windows machine which is free from any type of complications. Let’s go through the proper step-by-step working guide described below for the Installation & Configuration of Lotus Notes 9 on Windows OS platform.

Important Note: The mentioned below working guide is only for Lotus Notes version 9.0 users. For any other editions the process varies and perform in a different manner.

Steps to Install IBM Lotus Notes 9.0 on Windows Machine

Step 1 – Initially, just go for the locate installation set up file for IBM Notes 9. Then, double click and Run the program (In this, you can simply search it on the web and install it from IBM notes official website)

Step 2 – Now, IBM Notes 9.0 Social Edition – Install Wizard message will appear on your screen. So, click on Next button as given below in the picture:

Step 3 – After this, you will see the other screen in which you have to go with the option i.e. I accept the terms in the license agreement. And, then, hit ‘Next’ button.

Step 4 – Confirm to check Installation the location, note my current setup is ‘Client Only’ installer I don’t have the multi-user choice available*. Select the location path and click ‘Next’ tab. In situation of using standard set up, then you can come to the options such as Single user and Multi-User Options.

Step 5 – Then, choose the Installation options. In this step, you can choose all the features except client single logon feature, along with the full Design & Admin clients, the NEW Notes Browser Plug-in and OpenSocial Component options. After that selecting all these options, just go to the ‘Next’ button.

Step 6 – After the installation of Lotus Notes email client, go and check all the boxes if you want to utilize the email application as the default app for emails, calendar, address books including speeding up the start-up procedure by selecting ‘Launch parts of Notes’ and after that, hit ‘Install’

Step 7 – Now, IBM Lotus Notes installer will start extracting the program and shift data files to your PC’s hard disk.

Step 8 – After completion of the installer of this program, a successful message will appear on your screen as shown in the mentioned below picture. So, click ‘Finish’ button to continue further.

Step 9 – This process deals with the installation of the software on your PC. Then, comes the turn for configuration of IBM Lotus Notes 9.0.

Step 10 – Open Lotus Notes 9 through the ‘Start’ screen or use Desktop icons showing the ‘Splash’ screen

Step 11 – After that, the configuration of Lotus Notes wizard will start. This will help out to know that what sort of information required to enter for the configuration of Lotus Notes 9. Then, hit ‘Click’. For more understanding purpose, check out with the given below image:

Step 12 – In this step, you have to enter the IBM Notes username along with ‘home’ Domino server and after that click ‘Next’ as shown in the given picture:

Step 13 – Suppose the information in the above step is entered properly then you will get the message on your screen asking for User ID password. Then, press ‘ Login’

Step 14 – IBM Lotus Notes contains the features that support user to connect with Notes client for getting other Internet services. These services and facilities can be configured at any time. Press the next button as shown in the below-mentioned image:

Step 15 – Finally, the Lotus Notes 9 installation and configuration process successfully completed.

Once the Lotus Notes setup is configured properly, you can start using IBM notes email client for sending or receiving of emails or some other services. And, if you will notice that the application show some kind of critical error then I think it’s better to transfer the Lotus Notes database to any other application. As the most-popular email client Outlook is the first choice of users so to convert data into Outlook application, opt best Lotus Notes to Outlook software.

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