How to Export Mail from Horde to Yahoo Webmail App – Resolved Query

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Frequently, Horde Webmail users face issues and many of them enquire about how do I export emails from Horde to Yahoo Mail or how to export Horde Webmail to Yahoo with attachments. To sort out this problem, read the blog which help you to sort out this query with exact & complete solution.

Horde Webmail app is used by lots of commercial users for business dealing and management of documents, on the other side Yahoo Webmail app is used by thousands of users for personal & business uses to manage data & share information. So lots of users are such who would have need for Horde to Yahoo Webmail cloud migration without any change of data. At this situation, the Horde Webmail backup tool is created by CubexSoft for users to completely & simply export email files to Yahoo Webmail from Horde because both Web applications have no export or import functions for solving “how do I export emails from Horde to Yahoo Webmail” query.  Therefore, the software is provided with all advanced, simple, & perfect migration processing. It can automatically load Horde Webmail messages data for migration to Yahoo and also maintains all emails properties & attachments. To export from Horde to Yahoo Webmail flawlessly, follow the given simple working steps –

  • Choose Horde Webmail App as your email source and provide its login & server credentials then click on login button to connect server & load mail files.

  • Now the software will load all Horde Webmail data then select mails data which you want to convert in Yahoo mail.

  • After that choose Yahoo Mail option from provided multiple options and fill its login details for direct migration. Click on backup button to start button.

  • Then the migration processing will start with a green progress status bar and complete it with a successful message.

After completing the migration process, software provides log report with complete information of executed process such as – number of converted files, date, time, saving type, etc. The software provides effective & simple GUI so anyone can simply handle it without many efforts. Some beneficial features are given below which are useful and help to provide efficient data migration outcome.

Features List of Horde to Yahoo Mail tool

  • Batch & direct migration – The software enables to directly export Horde Webmail emails data to Yahoo Mail and also provides single migration process for all mails messages.
  • Effortless Process – The tool is designed after observing users’ requirement in the migration of Horde to Yahoo Mail so it supports very friendly user interface for handling the software by everyone (non-technical & technical users).
  • Preserves all Attachments & Images – the software also cares for all attachments & images during the migration process and save all attached files & images in their original formats – png, doc, exe, xls, etc.
  • Log Report – After execution of Horde to Yahoo Webmail process, the software launches a log report of complete executed process – saving type, date, time, number of converted files, etc.
  • Maintains all Mail Folder Hierarchy – The software simply solves how to export mail from Horde to Yahoo Mail and also maintains all Horde mails folder structure details during the processing – inbox, outbox, draft, outbox, etc.
  • Save Emails Properties – The tool is well- developed utility that also preserves all emails attributes – metadata (To, Bcc, Cc, from, subject, etc.), formatting (font style, text size, colour layout, etc.), hyperlinks, unread status & read status, etc.
  • Windows Operating System – The software is perfect data migration solution and supports all Windows OS – Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8.0, Win 7, etc. Therefore, all users can run the software on any Windows OS supported computer.
  • Required Internet Connection – The software is simple solution to completely export mail from Horde to Yahoo Mail but for that good internet connection is required for loading data and directly convert Horde Webmail data to Yahoo Mail.

FAQs about Horde to Yahoo Mail Migration

Q. Does the software maintain all emails attachments from Horde to Yahoo Mail?

A. Yes, the software maintains all Horde emails attachments into Yahoo Mail and all attachments will be saved in their original file format without any change.

Q. Can I use the software on Mac OS supported machine?

A. No, the software can run on only Windows supported OS – Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 8.0, Win 7, etc.

Q. Can I use the software for converting 54392 + Horde Mails into Yahoo Webmail?

A. Yes, the software has no emails’ size & amount limitations so you can powerfully convert 54392 + mails from Horde to Yahoo Webmail.

Q. Is good Internet connection is must for using the software?

A. Yes, without internet connection; the software will not work and so you have to need a good internet connection to completely & directly convert Horde files to Yahoo Mails.

Q. Can I use the tool without any cost (freely)?

A. You can convert 25 emails from Horde Webmail account to Yahoo Mail account absolutely free, using the trial edition and for getting unlimited Horde data to Yahoo migration, you have to go with licensed edition.

Reviews –

No doubt that the software is effective data migration tool and I used it for converting 54392+ Horde emails to Yahoo Mail with attachments. I really achieved complete data migration outcome without misplacing & change any detail. It provided me simple migration processing from Horde Webmail to Yahoo Mail.

A User from Spain

I used the Horde to Yahoo Mail Tool and it is suggested by my friend. I tried it firstly with 25 mails migration without any cost and I felt that should go with its licensed edition and used for complete data migration of Horde to Yahoo Webmail. I did it and achieved complete data outcome within few minutes.

User from France


In this blog, described a complete & effective data Horde to Yahoo Mail migration tool to solve how to export Horde Mail to Yahoo Webmail. Still, you are in doubt or confusion about migration solution then you can go with its free demo ability which helps to understand about how to transfer Horde Webmail to Yahoo Mail. It can export 20 Horde emails to Yahoo Mail account without any cost. Therefore, you can go with this solution for exporting Horde Webmail data to Yahoo Mail and solve all issues about it.

Note – If you want to convert Horde Webmail email files to PDF in bulk, then you can go with Horde to PDF tool that is amazing & quick data migration solution.