How to Download, Install and Configure Lotus Notes Account on Windows Machine?

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In this blog, you can get the information about how to download Lotus Notes from its official website and guide you on how to install and configure it on the Windows machine.

Table of Content

1 – How to Download Lotus Notes from IBM’s Official Website?

2 – How to Install Lotus Notes on Windows?

3 – How to Configure an account in Lotus Notes?

“Note: To Migrate Lotus Notes NSF Mailbox to Outlook and Office 365 use CubexSoft NSF Converter. And Installation and Configuration of Lotus Notes in your local machine is compulsory.”

How to Download Lotus Notes from IBM Office Website?

Step 1 – First signup to IBM Official Website and get an IBM Unique ID.

Step 2 – Sign in to IBM Website (fill the IBM unique Id and password to sign in)

Step 3 – Browse the link: and then click on the trial button to start the downloading.

Step 4 – Now click on download with direct director and then choose your download with suitable Windows.

(Click on I Agree from then license, and then I Confirm to continue)

Step 5 – Now click on “Download Using Http” and now click on I Agree.

Step 6: Provide the “saving location” to save the .exe file to continue the downloading.

Step 7: Click on the finish after downloading.

Note: Lotus Notes .exe file downloaded on your local machine.

How to Install Lotus Notes on Windows?

Now let’s move to install Lotus Notes in Windows Machine

Step 1 – Run the Lotus Notes .exe files which you have downloaded from IBM Website

Step 2 – Now from the appeared window select the option as per your need and change a file saving folder and wait till the IBM extractor is extracting the files and folders.

Step 3 – Now click on the Next button to continue the installation process and click on the Next in Install.

Step 4 – Now read the given license agreement, and I accept the term in the license agreement option and then Next.

Step 5 – Choose any given option from the Window and then click on the Next.

Step 6 – Now, Custom Setup Window will pop up where you need to click on the IBM connection to make it active and then click on Next.

Step 7 – Now, you need to check the checkboxes as per needs and then click on the Install.

Step 8 – Now wait till the process of installation is completed and then Finish.

Now, Lotus Notes installed on the Windows machine. Let’s configure it with the email account.

How to Configure an Account in Lotus Notes?

Step 1 – Open the Lotus Notes application

Step 2 – In IBM welcome window, click on Next to continue.

Step 3 – Now, fill your user name and the Domino Server (click on “I want to connect to a Domino Server” if you want to connect to Domino Server) and then Next.

Step 4 – Now, Additional Service windows will appear where you need to checked on one of the options to continue the configuration and then click on the Next button.

Step 5 – Now, in the next window select the type of server POP or IMAP as per your requisite and then Incoming Mail Server, and to continue the process click on Next.

Step 6 – Now, you need to login to your internet server account. Fill the account name and then password and then click on next to continue.

Step 7 – Now, you need to give “Outgoing Internet mail” and then Outgoing SMTP mail Server and Next to continue the process.

Step 8 – Next, provide the email address and next fill the internet domain, and then to continue the process click on Next.

Step 9 – Open the Lotus Notes application on your local machine.

Step 10 – Next click on Open and then click on the Contact option.

Step 11 – Click on an Advance option from the given features

Step 12 – Now double on SMTP Outgoing Internet mail

Step 13 – Now choose the Edit Account

Step 14 – Provide Basic information. Fill the account name, server name, login name, password, protocol, SSL, etc. and then save and close.

Step 15 – Select the open and then Mail. All the NSF emails will appear.

Lotus Notes is now downloaded, installed, and configured Lotus Notes account on your machine.

Once the Lotus Notes account configuration finished, you will be able to restore emails, contacts, and other details. And, also you can convert NSF Mailbox to multiple file formats like PST with the help of NSF Converter tool. It will help you to export Lotus Notes to Office 365 and other could-based applications and Lotus Notes Forensics.