Lotus Notes Forensics – Searching, Examining and Finding out the Evidence

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Lotus Notes Forensics

There are so many cases that have been encountered by the team and me. While the investigation, we have noticed that there is a bundle of information in the form of NSF. To make it crystal clear, I will have to describe the whole experience.

Mostly time, clients came with just Lotus Notes account details or NSF file database and demand to find out the evidence from it. IBM Lotus Notes has its database in the form of NSF format which includes mailboxes, contacts, notes, calendars, tasks, etc. For the forensic point of view, evidence data can be hidden in any NSF file. But there is no easy and manual way to analyze and find out the evidence. It is very difficult to work with the Lotus Notes database. Due to multiple drawbacks and complications of the NSF file database. Like; if an account is protected with a password, the user if has to be browsed for login. You cannot access that particular account databased without a password. And the security complexities make hurdles while the data analysis. So we need to find out a utility that makes Lotus Notes forensics investigation an easy task. So, it is very important to provide an accurate result to catch the culprit in the right time. And for that found the solution to analyze the NSF database.

NSF to PST Converter that helps to open NSF in PST file format

While research, we realized that there is another desktop email client that is quite parallel to IBM Lotus Notes. Microsoft Outlook is the email client that uses the PST file to keep its database that is easy to analyze as compared to Lotus Notes NSF database. All the Microsoft Outlook versions support the PST file format that stores data of a particular user account. What we can do, is simply use the NSF to PST Converter tool to migrate NSF to PST file format. We have tested so many software and came up with an idea that helped us in Lotus Notes Forensics, i.e. Lotus Notes Converter.

This software not only Converts NSF files to PST format also provides you multiple advance options that are very useful for Lotus Notes Forensics.

Convert all NSF Data to PST Completely – Tool is well capable that export all the data of NSF database to PST file format including mailboxes, calendar, task, journals, notes, etc. All the data will be successfully exported to Microsoft Outlook PST format along with original details and folder structure.

Split PST Option to Manage Data – The software has an advanced filter of splitting PST file that can help users to manage their data and also helps in data analysis. This Lotus Notes Forensic utility is kind of an all-rounder that migrate NSF file emails with read and unread status.

Advance Email Filter Feature – with the use of this advanced filtering, the Lotus Notes Forensics task becomes quicker to find out suspected data. Filtering can be done on the source of Date, To and From, etc. for the investigation.

Advanced Filtering Option – There is an option to categorize and analyze NSF attachments of the respective email. Attachments like Images, Video, PDF, Audio, Documents, etc. can be easily viewed for performing Lotus Notes Forensics. The Meta properties of email can also be analyzed by using this tool.

It is suggested to use this tool by all those people who are facing problems in execution Lotus Notes NSF Forensics. You can simply use the tool to find out the hidden evidence of suspected files. The tool is already trusted by so many government agencies. And more important thing is, this tool helped us to put the main culprit behind the bars which make this program more appropriate to be used.