Want to Migrate Email from HostGator to Google Apps? Know Step-by-Step Procedure

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“I have my business website hosted at HostGator and all my business email accounts are accessed via HostGator portal. I have some confidential email messages in HostGator email account that I need to transfer to my newly hosted Google Apps account. I have already searched the internet in hope of getting some helpful solution, but didn’t find any. Can someone please help me migrate emails from HostGator to Google Apps.”

I read this query in some community forum site and after searching a lot found that there are so many users who are searching for some easy techniques for migrating their HostGator webmail account to Google Apps/ G Suite account. if our are also one of them and looking for a smart utility to move your emails from HostGator account to Google Apps, then read the following blog that will provide instant solution migrate email from HostGator to Google Apps. But before moving to the solution, first let’s know about HostGator and Google Apps.

HostGator and Google Apps – Overview

HostGator is a web services provider that offers domain registration, web hosting, creating, accessing and managing business webmail and other services. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to use by both technical and non-technical web users. You don’t even need any professional coding skills to use HostGator. But the time taken to load pages has adversely affected HostGator.

Google Apps (now G Suite) on the other hand is a collaborative suite containing cloud computing and productivity services. The app enables organizations to get custom email address and add as many user accounts as they want, depending on the subscription plans. User also get unlimited cloud storage, additional admin tools, 24/7 phone and chat support and many more benefits with Google Apps.

Below mentioned are the benefits offered by Google Apps

  • Allows to create unlimited user accounts, with each user getting 25GB storage space
  • Enables Mobile accessibility to Google Apps services – emails, instant messaging, calendars etc.
  • 24/7 phone, email and chat support
  • Access Google Apps data in Outlook using Google Apps Sync for Outlook
  • Google Apps provides unparalleled security and shield against spam or phishing mails, and therefore your crucial emails are safe.
  • The Graphical interface of Google Apps is very clean and simple to understand.
  • One can also save their documents and files Google Drive, accessible from any device for instant use and sharing purpose.

How to Migrate Email from HostGator to Google Apps

Now that we know the basic differences between HostGator and Google Apps, the next question is how to migrate HostGator email messages to Google Apps. Then the answer to this query is HostGator Backup Tool, an outstanding application that enables users to successfully move their mailbox data from HostGator server to G Suite, without losing a single bit of data. Its simple GUI is easy to understand for all types of users and doesn’t need any technical support to use it. Moreover, it provides option to move only required email messages using its advance mail and date filters. And no third party utility is needed, you only required login credential of your HostGator account and recipient Google Apps account, for instant email migration between intended user accounts. You can run this tool on any Windows OS, without any worries about which Windows edition you are using.

Steps to Move HostGator Emails to Google Apps

  • First download and install the software on Windows system
  • Then launch it and select HostGator from email source list. Next enter your HostGator login credentials and press Login button
  • Now the software will load all HostGator mail folders. Next select G Suite from the select saving options menu
  • Enter your G Suite login details, select mail folders, filters and click on Backup button
  • The software will next start migrating HostGator emails to Google Apps account and once finished, shows the message “Conversion done successfully”

Key Features of HostGator to Google Apps Migration Tool

  • Direct migration of HostGator emails to G Suite is supported
  • Move all HostGator emails and mail folders, with all their elements – headers, formatting, attachments, hyperlinks, images etc.
  • Maintains accurate folder hierarchy during HostGator migration to G Apps
  • Supports Selective email and mail folder migration option
  • Needs internet connection for effective email migration between HostGator and Google Apps
  • Generates log report of complete migration process
  • Move HostGator email attachments to Google Apps account and maintains their originality too
  • Complete independent application : only login details of source and target user account are needed
  • Suitable for all Windows editions – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.


The need for migration from HostGator to Google Apps may arise anytime, so we have discussed here the best solution to help you migrate HostGator webmail emails to Gmail / G Suite with all accurate details. Need to know more about it, then download its free demo edition that allows to save first 25 emails from HostGator mail folders to G Apps account, as free trial.