Migrating HostGator Webmail to Gmail is Easy with Expert HostGator Migration Utility!

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Changing webmail hosting service providers is the latest trend these days. Today, many email service providers are doing the rounds and providing various services to users. Gmail is one of the most popular and preferred email service used by most users. It is a free emailing service and provides many amazing features like Preview pane, Bookmarks, 15GB G Drive storage, Google Duo etc. Considering the many benefits offered by Gmail, many users want to move their HostGator Webmail to Gmail account. But they don’t know how to do it, as can be seen in the following user queries, asked in community forums :

Hi, I have my website hosted from HostGator portal and manage my email accounts from there too. But, since a few days, I am getting some issues in accessing and using my webmail account. Since it holds crucial information about my entire business and future projects, I don’t want to compromise with my HostGator webmail account. Just to be on safer side, I want to move my complete HostGator email to Gmail account. Is there any way of doing it? If yes, the please suggest me the solution, ASAP.

Hi, I am looking for some easy method to transfer all my emails from HostGator server to my Gmail account. At first, I thought about using some manual techniques, but they are not reliable and I can’t trust them blindly. All my emails are very important and some of them have crucial attachments too. So I was looking for something that would not only move my HostGator emails, but their embedded attachments too. Can someone please help me urgently find the best possible solution for this? Thanks in advance!

Why Migrate HostGator Email to Gmail ?

  • Gmail is Secure : Gmail is one of the most secure webmail app and its strong security has impressed many users to the extent of compelling them to switch their HostGator Webmail to Gmail.
  • Gmail is Fast : Gmail’s is a speedy and reliable email service, as compared to the email services provided by other service providers.
  • Google apps : Gmail provides users with other Google Apps like Google Word, Google Site, Google Sheets, Google Drive etc.

Error Free Solution to Migrate HostGator Webmail to Gmail

HotGator to Gmail Backup Tool is a perfect utility to help you move your HostGator email to Google Mail account. The software has a simple GUI, which makes it possible for both technical and non-technical users to effortlessly perform HostGator email forwarding to Gmail. Moreover, the software provides various filter to help users move only desired HostGator email to Gmail, including all attachments and all other Meta details, formatting, images etc. It even maintains to keep the folder hierarchy intact while migrating emails from HostGator server to Gmail.

HostGator to Gmail Migration Tool – Manual Guide

  • First download and install the software on your Windows system

  • Now select HostGator from the email source list and provide your HostGator login credentials, IMAP Server name and Port Number.

  • The software will now load all mail folders on its left pane. Click on the mail folders check boxes and that you want to export.

  • Now choose Gmail as the output option from the Saving Options Drop Down Menu

  • Apply required filters for moving only required HostGator emails and click on Backup button

  • The software will now start the HostGator email forwarding to Gmail process and on completion, shows the message “Conversion done successfully”. Click on OK button

  • The software will now open a new Notepad Window showing the complete migration status report. Save it in TXT file for future reference.

Highlighting Features of HostGator Webmail to Gmail Export Tool

  • Move complete HostGator account mailbox data to Gmail
  • Provides various filters to save only required HostGator emails to Google Mail
  • Supports to move only selective folders from chosen HostGator account
  • Easy to use utility for all types of technical and non-technical users
  • Saves all email attachments in original format
  • Migrate HostGator emails to Gmail with accurate email properties
  • Maintains accurate folder hierarchy during migration process
  • Saves complete migration log report in TXT file
  • Independent application – Needs only user credentials of source HostGator and target Gmail account for transferring mailbox data between them
  • Needs internet connection for extracting HostGator account data and transferring to Gmail account
  • Suitable for all Windows OS – 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.

User Reviews about HostGator to Gmail Migration Tool

I was looking for simple method to move all my emails from my HostGator account to Gmail, then I found this HostGator Migration Tool. I must say, it is one of the finest tools that I have used ; it has a simple GUI, works perfectly and moreover migrated each and every mail item with all accurate details. A must recommended utility for everyone. Thanks!

Illeana Williams, USA

When I was given the task of moving all emails from HostGator account to Gmail, I was very worried as I have never done such a migration before. Then one of my colleagues help me and suggested me to use HostGator to Gmail Tool and it really helped me move all email accounts data from HostGator Server to Gmail account.

Domonic Cruz, New Zealand


The above blog has provided you with the best solution to migrate HostGator Webmail to Gmail. If you are still worried, then you can download FREE demo edition of the HostGator Backup Tool and test its performance. Free utility will perform exactly like the licensed edition but will support to migrate first 20 emails/ folder of HostGator account to Gmail account, as free trial.