Google Workspace Backup Tool for How to Save & Export Google Worksapce Emails

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Summary – This blog post will explain the complete material for how to export Google Workspace emails to any desktop or cloud server email application. Also, we have discussed some of the important aspects related to this problem. So, keep reading…
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  • Basic Information of Google Workspace
  • Is There Any Need to Backup Google workspace?
  • Professional Solution for Google Workspace Import Emails
    • Want to Try Free?
    • Steps of Google Workspace Backup
  • Free Way to Export Google Workspace Emails
  • How Professional Tool is Much Better Instead of Using Free Way?
    • Beneficial Features of Professional Method
    • Drawbacks of Free Method
  • Conclusion
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Basic Information of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is one of the topmost benefits or you can say a service provider to all those experts who have struggled to maintain an equal balance between these sudden shifts in workplace-home scenarios. The Google Workspace has accumulated all productivity apps – Drive, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Gmail, Docs, and many more. It perfectly simplifies the way you work, whether from the office or home, or on the go. On the other hand, you need to make sure that all your important email database should be backed up properly so that you do not face any trouble. And, you need to perform the Google Workspace backup process with the help of a safe working guide. Google indeed saves several duplicate copies of your valuable data. However, it will not be responsible in case you have lost your data. And, GSuite services in India have mentioned the clear statement in their disclaimer on the “Terms of Service” that “We don’t make any commitments about the content within the Services.” It directly means that Google Workspace is in no way answerable for your loss of data. So, it is your responsibility to backup Google Workspace data to save from accidental or malicious data deletions, unauthorized access from lost or stolen devices, etc. Let’s follow the further section where we get to know the need to backup Google Workspace.

Is There Any Need to Backup Google workspace?

Obviously yes, you should definitely back up your Google Workspace email data to protect your precious data from different type of issues like- cyber attacks, deletions of data, etc. Some of the common issues we have discussed that will convince you to perform Google Workspace backup for your email data:
  • Intentionally or accidentally deletion of important data files.
  • Backup is important when your desktop/laptop has been stolen or lost.
  • A wrong activity by third-party applications installed in your device or domain.
  • Desktop sync client and Google Drive sync
  • Unplanned application overwriting.

Professional Solution for Google Workspace Import Emails

In this section, users can simply backup and export Google Workspace emails to the desired format with the use of the best Gmail Backup Tool. By using the Google Workspace Backup program, you can save your Google Workspace data to 18+ popular saving output options i.e. PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, MHTML, Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail,, Amazon WorkMail, Office 365, IMAP Server, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, and so on.
Want to Try Free? The Google Workspace Backup Tool offers a free download facility to the users for exporting the first 25 emails from Google Workspace to any saving output format free of cost.

Steps of Google Workspace Backup

Step 1: Run the Google Workspace Backup tool on your Windows machine and open it properly. Step 2: Choose the G Suite/Gmail option as an email source and type correct login details into the blank boxes shown on the right side. And, click on the Login button. Step 3: Now, the software loads the folders with their separate checkboxes. So, check or uncheck the folders as per the requirement and select the saving output option on the right side.
Step 4: Then, use different filters for selective files backup from Filters tab.
Step 5: Select the location for your output data files. Finally, go to hit on the Backup button to start the Google Workspace backup process.
Step 6: Get the confirmation message of successful Google Workspace import emails process i.e. Conversion Completed Successfully. So, click OK and go to check your output data.

Free Way to Download Google Workspace Emails

If you want to download the emails from Google Workspace, follow the steps that we have discussed below:
  • First, you need to sign up to your G Suite admin account by adding the details
  • Now, quickly go to the Admin Console and press the “< “button
  • Then, move to Tools and select the Data Export option
  • Finally, at last press the Start button that starts downloading G Suite emails.
By following all the above steps you can perform the G-Workspace backup process.

How Professional Tool is Much Better Instead of Using Free Way?

The professional solution named as Google Workspace Backup facilitates n number of amazing features and benefits that are easy to avail by all its performers. So, here we will discuss all the beneficial features of this program. Also, we will go through some drawbacks of the free method that makes the professional method is much better. So, get reading to follow the next section.

Beneficial Features of Professional Method

  • Google Workspace Backup Tool is 100% safe and the topmost trusted key to export Google Workspace emails.
  • It is capable to export from Google Workspace to any local file formats like- PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, etc.
  • It enables users to shift Google Workspace data to O365, AWS, IMAP Server, Gmail, G Suite, IMAP Server, Hotmail, and so on.
  • It helps to export bundles of Google Workspace email folders in a single go.
  • The G-Workspace Backup solution supports saving your email files alongwith their attachments without any problem.
  • By using the tool, users can also move their selected email folders from Google Workspace as per the requirement.
  • Try its amazing email filters and date filters that can transfer any specific email files.
  • Additionally, the tool supports all Windows OS platforms like- 7, 8, 10, etc.
  • The tool is easy to access by all types of users as it does not require any technical expertise.
  • Collect the perfect save log report facility and analyze the entire Google Workspace backup process at the end.

Drawbacks of Free Method

  • It is a very tricky way to export from Google Workspace.
  • While performing the Google Workspace backup process, it requires full attention from the
  • This free method may damage your original data files.
  • It does not give any guarantee for successfully export Google Workspace emails.


If you are a fresh user and have a plan to backup Google Workspace email data then, always try the professional solution. The Google Workspace Email Backup software facilitates a free download version to save the first 25 emails from Google Workspace to desired output format without any cost. After using a trial version, anyone can freely go to purchase a license key of this software to perform the perfect Google Workspace backup procedure.