How to Download Outlook Emails to Hard Drive?

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Summary: There are so many email clients available in the market with distinguish functions and features. Storing database over email clients is a new trend and also easily manageable. However we should not completely depend upon these platforms as there are always some data loss theft associated with these sources. Taking backup of files in some hardware supported format is beneficial. In this case, experts always recommend Portable Document Format for backup of data. Keeping this in mind many Microsoft account holders are looking forward to take backup of files in PDF format.

However downloading Outlook emails in hard drive as PDF is not a simple task if you don’t know right way to implement the export procedure. It became more complex when the data which need to be converted in PDF are in large quantities. If you are struggling with a similar issue and want a feasible solution of how to download Outlook emails to hard drive as PDF format then read this blog till end. The blog surely helps you in getting the perfect outlook PST to PDF Converter for your unresolved query.

Some Amazing Facts About PDF

PDF as we all know is the most popular file format among users all over the world. Let’s see some facts about PDF documents to understand the reason behind their popularity:

  • The independent behavior of PDF files makes their a reliable source for storing databases.
  • One more feature that makes the PDF format the first choice of users is compressibility. Users can easily compress PDF files while sharing or uploading data via the internet.
  • PDF does not need any specific hardware, software, or operating system to open with.
  • PDFs support distinct content such as text, images, animation, vector graphics, 3D models, audio, video, and many others.
  • It is one of the safest platforms to store confidential information. It includes different levels of security features such as Digital Signature, Passwords, and Watermark.
  • Documents in PDF format are accepted as legal documents in each field.

How to Export PST File to PDF Free?

There are some manual approaches available that support to save PST files in PDF format free of cost. However, the conversion depends upon the Outlook version you are using. Generally, manual methods are different for different Outlook editions. In this section, we will discuss 2 different free manual methods for upload of PST files in PDF format.

Method 1:  Download Outlook Emails to Hard Drive via Word

Step 1: Save PST Files in HTML Format

  • Launch MS Outlook in your system.
  • Move to the menu bar and click on the File tab. Then hit Save As button to move forward.
  • A new Save As Wizard opens where you have to browse for the location to save the PDF file. Further, fill the required name in “Filename” and choose “HTML” in Save as a type option.
  • Click on the Save button

Step 2: Save HTML File in PDF via Word

  • After following “Step 1” go to the destination where you saved the HTML file.
  • Next Select the HTML file by left click on the mouse and then right-click on it. Further click on Open with>> MS Word.

(By doing so, the file opens in a Word document).

  • In MS Word, move your cursor to the menu bar and hit Fie tab.
  • Click on Save As button.

(You can eliminate the previous 2 steps by using short cut key “Ctrl + S”)

  • In Save As dialogue box, choose any desired location to save the PDF file. Next again fill the suitable name in the File name and select PDF in “Save as type”.
  • In the end, press the Save button.

Method 2: Convert PST to PDF Adobe Acrobat

As we mentioned earlier the manual approach varies for every Outlook version. The method we are going to explain in this section is for Outlook 2010 and later editions. Follow the step by step procedure to export PST to PDF with attachments:

  • First, you have to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Start Microsoft Outlook and move the cursor to the menu bar. Hit Adobe PDF which further opens 4 different tabs. You have to select the first 2 tabs for batch PST to PDF export.
  • Now save all the messages which you need to export to PDF in one single folder and hit “Converted Selected Folder”. Select the folders that contain all the messages.

Important Note: All the attachments are saved as hyperlinks in PDF. You need to click hyperlinks to open attachments files.

Batch Export PST Files Automatically to PDF

Till now, we have talked about different manual ways of solving user query how to download Outlook emails to Hard Drive as PDF. Now we all know that there are some risks involved while using manual approaches for the download Outlook files as PDF. If you are a risk-averse person then obviously you are not ready to take risks with the important Outlook data. In this case, PST to PDF Converter helps you in getting the perfect risk-free solution for your query. It is a third-party Windows-supported tool that runs on Windows editions 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, and many others. The tool permits quick delivery of batch PST files to PDF without any delay. The software export PST to PDF with attachments files and does not make any changes in mail elements. It facilitates PST to PDF migration in multiple ways. You can either create a single PDF file or a separate PDF file according to your desire. Many customization tools are also available for expected outcomes. PST File Converter free version is also available that support export up to 25 PST files in PDF format without any charges.