A Right Way Out in Digital Forensic Investigation to Save PST Files as PDF Format

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Wasting time in searching for error-free and reliable solutions to save PST files as PDF document format! PST to PDF Converter Tool is there to help you out…..

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a secured and safe file format developed to present the documents in multiple devices and different platforms. It is used to represent two-dimensional documents in resolution and device-independent fixed-layout format. It demands a low memory space without affecting the quality of the document.

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So, in digital forensics PDF file format is the perfect and best option to save the evidence. Because it offers more secure options like password protection and also its un-editable nature gives more protection to the data.

Emails are not only a major mode of digital communication, but it is also a significant source of evidence against criminal activities. But the biggest challenge for forensic investigators probably is to have evidence that is admissible in court. The reason being only a few file formats like PDF is legally acceptable as evidence. In the case of other file formats, they need to take the help of file migration.

One of the general conversion needs of the Forensic Investigators in PST file to PDF. PST is a common file format used by the MS Outlook email application. Since PDF files cannot be submitted directly as evidence in court, users want to save emails as PDF. This article has been designed to address this problem and hence, we will explain the solution and most recommended Forensics tool to save PST files as PDF format.

Essential Benefits to Convert PST Emails to PDF      

PDF files are considered as one of the most authenticated and perfect information savers. Its reliability can be understood with the fact that PDF documents are used on a large scale in legal formalities.

  • Save deleted as well as password-protected PST email to PDF file.
  • Original visual properties and interactive features will be well-maintained.
  • Migrate emails from ANSI/UNICODE PST as it supports all editions of MS Outlook
  • The digital signature can be applied on PDF to confirm its authenticity
  • Show settings like page layout, zoom level, etc. can be added to Adobe PDF documents.
  • As a “read-only” document, PDF cannot be edited without leaving an electronic footprint.
  • Universally accepted and displayed around the world, irrespective of the operating system.

How to View Outlook PST Files?

If you are looking for PST files in a system, then you must remember that usually, the file format of PST files are not visible. To make it visible, you have to perform these steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook email program
  2. Then, go to “File,” hover over the “Open” option, and then hit on “Outlook Data File.”
  3. Browse through your file system to the destination that the PST file is saved in, and then hit on the file name to highlight it. Hit on the “OK” tab. This opens your PST file in Outlook and places it in Outlook’s Folder List.
  4. Tab the “Go” menu, then pick the “Folder List.” The contents of the PST file you accessed will be saved in the “Personal Folders” folder. Hit on which folder to view the PST file’s information and data.

After that the investigator will get PST files from the system, now using any migration program or solution, you can successfully save PST files as PDF and analyze the PST file. There are commonly three components of PST files.

  • Header
  • Body
  • Attachments

But if you don’t have a migration application to convert Outlook emails to PDF, then there are various applications available in the online market that allow you to access, open, and view PST files. But, the tool, which is most effective by some of the technocrats is the PST file to PDF Converter.

Exporting in a valid format

In order to present the proof or evidence before the court of law, it must be in the form of record, so we usually favor to use software that converts PST file into a readable file format. Most of the applications only allow to view the PST file not to export. But it is compulsory to transfer the file into a presentable document format like PDF because the court have need for valid against the guilty. And as many users are leading the problem through PST file investigation.

The matter will be resolved when looking for an email examination tool that is not able to examine files in PST format but the other formats. Few applications are present that can easily import and export bulk to carve the proof. You need a tool that allows you to save the files in PST format to archive an advance search according to the particular phrases and keywords. A search feature exists that simplifies the work of the investigator and decreases the problematic manual searching.


Forensics investigators often face the need to save Outlook emails as PDF to create forensic evidence for court.  But during the Forensic Investigation on email data performing analysis of evidence and generation of the court-admissible reports using different tools makes the process more difficult. To avoid this situation and meet the proper need to help the investigators, CubexSoft PST to PDF Tool is the right software solution. With help, digital investigators can extract emails from PST and saved emails as PDF file formats. That helps to create and submit the legally admissible PDF files in Court as evidence.