Create a Shared Mailbox in Office 365

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There are numerous email addresses in an organization, employees of the organization have their own dedicated email IDs and organization has their email addresses which are used to coordinate publically. These organization email IDs have a lot of data or emails and a single user cannot handle this properly. So, it is necessary to make multiple users or shared email IDs to manage complete emails of the organization. To create a Shared Mailbox in Office 365 account you need to follow some processes.

The basic advantage of the shared mailboxes is that when the user of that mailbox sends any email to a specific email using the send will get the email on the behalf of the shared mailbox. The shared mailbox provides calendars where the users can enter their important works like appointments dates and other details. This list can help the admin to organize any meeting as through this admin can view the free dates of all employees. Now move towards the procedure for the creation of a shared mailbox in Office 365.

Procedure to Create a Shared Mailbox in Office 365 Application

Step 1. Open your Office 365 Admin Center with the help of administrator login credentials. Now, hit on the Admin option which is located in the Apps menu.

Step 2. In the Group section click on the Shared Mailboxes option.

Step 3. After that Add Shared Mailbox. Enter the desired name of the mailbox and then hit on the Add option.

Step 4. A message will be displayed that is “The shared mailbox was created. It may take a few minutes before you can add members”.

Step 5. Now, you can get the complete details of the created shared mailbox which can help you to manage your email data and show you benefits to create a shared mailbox in Office 365. It has properties like Name, Email, EmailAlias, Email Forwarding, Sent Items, and all other necessary elements of email management.

Step 6. After the creation of Shared Mailbox, now you have to add members. Click on the Edit option. Then go with the Add Members option.

Step 7. This will show the complete list of your contacts. You can click on the checkboxes to select the members one by one. After that, with the Save option.

At last, the message will appear on the screen that is Shared Mailbox members were successfully updated. This message will also appear in your Outlook account after 60 minutes, you can view the same in your Outlook application. This process can be done through the help of Admin Center and after the following steps to create a shared mailbox in Office 365 account, you are required to provide access to the members as per your requirements.


This is the complete procedure that can be followed by the users of Office 365 application to create a shared mailbox in Office 365 Admin Center. After all these processes you can manage your emails without any hectic.

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