How to Migrate cPanel Email to Zoho Mail Account

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Having need to migrate cPanel Email to Zoho mail account and also have already searched on many platforms to know how to import cPanel to Zoho Mail? Then stop finding more, this write up can help you to easily overcome from the cPanel to Zoho Mail issue.

cPanel is generally used by web hosting mail providers to access the mail as well as introducing accounts for IMAP & POP protocols. The mail messages on cPanel may be incorporated with elements – autoresponders & forwarders. It similarly comes with other functions such as spam security & mail authorization that are not available with other hosting providers, which cPanel provides, at same charges. Other crucial attribute is mailing list that one can use to connect mail message to a few mailboxes overall.

Although there are lots of useful and rich-featured mail clients and webmail apps available that are using by thousands of users, they probably would not need complex requirement. So, anyone may need a modern mail framework that Zoho mail system offers. Therefore, many companies are infuriating to copy cPanel account to new server Zoho Mail or other account.

How to Import cPanel to Zoho Mail Account in Simple Steps

Importing cPanel to Zoho Mail account with the manual method has been established to be unclear for some companies. There have been cashes where users have faced authentication mistakes & provoked issues.

So, the manual method is not suggested as it create data loss menace, particularly when your data and information is very crucial. Therefore, importing cPanel email to Zoho Mail needs smart experts only.

But no need to take any pain or worry and go ahead with the most efficient & safe way for importing email from cPanel email to Zoho Mail account that is Email Backup Software to directly add cPanel account data to Zoho Mail.

The unequalled compatibility tied with self-descriptive functions, renders this software as one of the perfect tool for instigating the cPanel to Zoho Mail import process. It is safe and provide 100% accurate backup outcome. The tool provides various special and smart features for specific organization requirement.

cPanel Migrate Email Accounts with cPanel Backup Tool

  • Download, run and launch the cPanel to Zoho Mail backup tool on your desktop screen.
  • Select IMAP Server option from the given webmail sources of the software’s left side.
  • Provide login detail of the cPanel account with its host details and port number. Also use batch mode and proxy server option according to your requirement. Click on login button.
  • After that, it starts to load all account data with checkboxes in tree structure. Tick or untick on the checkbox of the file according to your requirement.
  • Now apply filters options from filters tab.
  • Finally, choose IMAP Server option from backup tab.
  • Fill the Zoho Mail account details with IMAP host and post number. Then hit on the backup option.
  • cPanel to Zoho Mail migration process starts and completes with a conversion successfully completed message.

Now as you click on the OK button of the confirmation message, it will open a new log file in .txt format. Users can check the result of backup process from cPanel to Zoho Mail account. You will achieve complete and assured with 100% accuracy.

Features to convert email to cPanel Email to Zoho Mail

  • Compatible with Mac & Windows OS – The cPanel to Zoho mail backup tool is not only effective solution but has also compatibility with Windows & Mac both OS machines. So easily run the software on any Windows & Mac OS edition machine.
  • Bulk mode for Quick Respond – If you have multiple cPanel accounts to transfer data in Zoho Mail, then it has batch mode function that helps to convert unlimited emails from multiple cPanel accounts to Zoho Mail account at once.
  • Backup Emails with Exact Folder Structure – The cPanel to Zoho mail Backup tool cares for all information of cPanel files and so it also maintains folder hierarchy of cPanel to Zoho mail.
  • Backup with all Mail Properties – The software helps to directly import & transfer cPanel email to Zoho Mail account without missing any information. It saves all mail properties (formatting, metadata, images, hyperlinks, etc.) including attachments.
  • Specified Emails backup of cPanel Account to Zoho – There are lots of users who have requirement to import selective emails from webmail to another account. So the software has multiple advanced filters that help to migrate specified cPanel emails to Zoho Mail account.
  • Free Trial Edition – The software knows users’ all requirements for importing cPanel email to Zoho Mail account. So, it provides free demo edition to know its working and efficiency. It enables to migrate 25 emails from cPanel to Zoho Email without any charges.
  • Easy & safe GUI – The cPanel backup to Zoho Mail tool has very simple GUI for everyone. Therefore, easily operate it and has safe process from any type of virus attack. It also don’t save users’ information its database for other purpose. So use it effortlessly and trouble-free.


We have explained a useful and suitable solution to copy cPanel account to New Server Zoho mail. The software also enables to backup cPanel emails to other hard drive format and webmail apps. So try it without any issue or error and clear all doubts and problems for importing cPanel email to Zoho Mail account. Automated solution is the perfect and most relevant solution for safe, simple and assured result. It is limitless data backup solution for cPanel backup to Zoho Mail account.