Can’t Sign in Back to Google Account

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If you are unable to log in to your Google account in Gmail, Google Play or Google Drive, then select the problem that relates to you the most. And then follow the mentioned below instructions that will help you get back in to your Google account.

Select that problem that does not allow you to sign in to your Gmail account

  • You have forgotten your username and email id address through which you open your Gmail account.
  • If you think your Gmail Account has been hacked
  • You are unable to reset your password with code by text
  • You cannot log in with any third-party service.

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You have forgotten your username and email id address through which you open your Gmail account.

To find your lost password and username

  1. Follow the steps given below to identify your lost account. You must know
  • Contact number or recovery mail for account
  • Your full name on your account
  1. Now follow these steps to verify your account
  • If you provided your mobile number, then Enter the code sent to that given number.
  • If provided your recovery email address, then check the inbox of that email address for any email from Google. Then enter the Google code from the email.
  1. Then it will show a list of matching usernames.

When you can’t see your username

  • Try different recovery email address or phone number that you might have used.
  • There may be a typing error in your username while registering for your account. See if your desired username is still vacant.
  • Or it may also be that you do not have a Google account. So create a Google account.

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If you think your Gmail Account has been hacked.

If you think that your Google Account has been tampered with, find out immediately who did an unfamiliar activity with your account and follow the given below steps to make your account safe and secure.

Step 1. Check Security First: – Visit Security Check up to receive personalized security recommendations for your Google Account.

Step 2. Update Your Software from Time to Time: – If your operating system and apps are out of date, it means your account is not protected from software hackers. Update your software to keep it safe and secure.

Step 3. Always Use Strong and Unique password code: – Using the same password over and over again on multiple sites is risky. If your password code has been hacked for one site, it is used to log into your account on multiple sites.

Step 4. Remove Extra Apps and Browser Extensions You Don’t Need: – If you have more apps installed on your device then they create a dangerous problem. Avoid installing more apps and other applications.

Can’t you reset your password with code by text?

If you cannot reset your Google account password with texted code, then follow the instructions points to recover the account.

  • It will ask you a few questions to verify your account. Try to give as many correct answers as possible.
  • Reset your password when prompted, then select a strong and unique password that you haven’t previously used with any other account.

Cannot sign in with any third-party service.

When Google can’t verify that it’s really you, it may block you from signing in to your Google Account with certain services or programs. If your sign-in is blocked, the service you are using will notify you of it.

  • A simple error your sign-in failed.
  • An error saying that your password and username are incorrect, even though you have entered the correct information.

Get your problem resolved and utilize a reliable device and location

If you use a new device or location, your sign-in may be blocked. So for this, you should use such a device and location from which you can sign in normally.

Use Latest Version App and Switch to a more safe and secure service

If you are signing in to your Google through an app, please try to use the latest version. Your latest version can use more secure Sign-in technology. Simultaneously switch to a service that is very safe and secure so that you can sign in to Google.