Decode: Backup MDaemon Mail Server to New Server in Coherent Way

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The article guide you on how to backup MDaemon Mail Server to New Server via IMAP Server. After reading, the blog post users can take MDaemon Mail Server backup and restore in other Webmail accounts. Here we will explain a detailed procedure to migrate MDaemon to New Server such as SmarterMail, Kerio, hMailServer, Zoho Mail Server, Verizon Server, Yahoo Mail UK Server, Server etc.

Some User’s Inquiries

There is a crowd of millions of users who want to know the logical way to migrate MDaemon to New Server. Some of the user inquiries we received are given below:

I need to switch the MDaemon database to Verizon Server. The MDaemon Server has a massive database, which I want to migrate to Verizon Server. Recommend me an intelligible solution to move MDaemon to another server.

James M. Shin

Recently, I got a task to move the MDaemon database to SmarterMail Server. I don’t have any idea how to move such an extensive database to SmarterMail without losing a file. Please help me out and suggest some trustworthy approache to take MDaemon Mail Server backup and restore in SmarterMail.

Louise Jones

How to Backup MDaemon Mail Server to New Server

The backup of the MDaemon Mail Server can be easily taken in New Server with the help of the professional program CubexSoft MDaemon Backup Software . A desktop-based software supports all the latest and old versions of Windows operating systems. You can use the program on any Windows version such as 11, 10, 8, 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, etc.

The software is the most reliable program to bulk migrate MDaemon Cloud Server data to New Server. It supports the migration of databases in multiple Webmail accounts. Using the IMAP Server option in the software, users can move MDaemon Webmail (WorldClient) files to multiple Webmail accounts like Gmail Server, Server, Yahoo Mail Server, Yahoo Mail Plus Server, Yahoo Mail Deutschland Server 1& 1 Server, SmarterMail, Server, AT&T Server, Server, O2 Deutschland Server, Verizon Server, Exchange Server etc. The tool is ideal for both technical and non-technical users. The working steps are so simplified that one can easily move the database without any technical assistance.

Working Structure to Move MDaemon to Another Server

Follow the working steps to migrate MDaemon to New Server:

  • In the first step, download the MDaemon Cloud Backup Tool and install it properly on your machine.
  • Choose MDaemon Cloud from the Email source list.
  • Now Enter your MDaemon server login details and don’t forget to provide IMAP Host Name, as follows :

Email Address : MDaemon Webmail email address
Password : MDaemon Webmail account password
IMAP Host :
IMAP Port No : 993

  • Now click on Login button to start connecting with MDaemon WorldClient account
  • The software will start loading all the folders of MDaemon cloud user account and displays them in tree structure
  • Now choose the IMAP Server option in the Select Saving Option.
  • After choosing IMAP as the output option, fill in details like Email address, Password, IMAP Host and IMAP Port Number
  • Click on Filters Tab to apply required filter options like Date Range, To, From, Subject, Exclude Folders.
  • At last, click on the Backup button to move MDaemon to New Server.
  • The software will start the migrating MDaemon files to new server and displays live status report
  • After successful conversion, a new message window opens showing the message “Conversion completed successfully.”

Some Advanced Features of MDaemon to IMAP Converter

  • The software efficiently moves batch email files from MDaemon Mail Server to another server in just one-time processing. The software accomplishes the large-scale migration procedure in less time.
  • To move MDaemon files to any other server you just need to enter the login credential, IMAP Host, and Port number of the respective account. Using the IMAP Server option, users can move MDaemon files to multiple accounts Kerio Mail Server, AOL, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, SmarterMail Mail Server, Server, hMailServer, iRedMail Server, Verizon Server, etc.
  • The software is strong enough to move a large-scale database with emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes to another server.
  • There are set of filters option available in the software, which allows users to select certain categories of databases instantly. These advanced filters are To, From, Subject, Date Range, Exclude Folders etc..
  • During the export of the MDaemon database to another server, the tool keeps the mail properties of MDaemon files intact.
  • The interface of the MDaemon Cloud Backup tool is users friendly and therefore no technical skills are required to migrate MDaemon to New Server.

Generally Asked Inquiries

Is the software supportable on Windows 11?

Yes, MDaemon to IMAP Tool supports all the version of the Windows operating system including Windows 11.

What is the IMAP Host and Port Numbers for saving MDaemon files in Zoho Mail Server?

The IMAP Host for Zoho Mail is and Port Number is 993.

Does the software save the login credentials of user’s account?

No, the software does not save the login credential of any user account in its database. The tool is totally secure and saving login details of users is against its privacy policy.

Author Suggestion

In this article, we unravel the procedure of backup MDaemon mail server to New server. The detailed procedure to move MDaemon to another server has been explained to resolve the issue quickly.

At last, if you still have any doubt regarding how to migrate MDaemon emails to another server then we recommend you to try the demo edition of MDaemon to IMAP Tool. The trial edition let you export the first 25 MDaemon files to any IMAP-supported Webmail free of cost. If you find the tool useful then get access to the license edition.