Windows Live Mail to Office 365

Migration Tool to export Windows Live Mail Emails, Contacts to Office 365

  • Convert Windows Live Mail to Office 365 with Attachments
  • Export Windows Live Mail Emails, Contacts, Attachments, Calendars to Office 365
  • Batch conversion of unlimited data from Windows Live Mail to Office 365
  • No requirement of Windows Live Mail configuration
  • Maintains data integrity of Live Mail files to O365
  • Direct process to Import Windows Live Mail Data to Office 365 account
  • Perfect & Simple Migration of Live Mail to Office 365

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Why Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool

No doubt that Windows Live Mail to Office 365 migration tool is beneficial program to import email from Windows Live Mail to Office 365 without misplacing any information. It easily convert all your emails and it also save your emails separately but the question is that why users use it and how it is beneficial for users.

Completely tested utility –

The WLM to O365 Tool is used to successfully migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 with multiple advance functions. It is fully lab tested and our developers provide expertise functions which are most helpful for everyone and work properly. Its Save Attachments function is unique from other solutions which help to save attachments from emails and directly convert emails from WLM to Office 365.

Why and How is it best solution ? –

It is possible to manually import Windows Live Mail messages to Office 365, but it is a lengthy process and technical too. Before starting with the manual process, make sure to keep a copy of your emails at your hard drive, so that you have all your data safe in case something unfortunate happens.

Now follow these steps to start the process :

Stage I – Import WLM Emails in MS Outlook (Ensure that both the applications are installed on same machine.)

  • Open WLM on your system
  • Go to File, click on Export and then Email messages. Choose MS Exchange from the list and press Next.
  • Now select Export dialog box and press OK. Choose the folder to save the files.
  • On completion, an alert window will open showing success message. Click Finish for completing the process

Stage II - Extract PST files from Outlook

  • Open the application
  • Go to File >> Open and Export >> Import/Export
  • From the new window that appears, select Export to a file >> Next
  • Choose Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Select the folder that you imported from Windows Live Mail and click on Next
  • Now browse the location to save the backup file, select the relevant options and click on Finish button

Stage III – Import PST files in Office 365 cloud

Step 1 : Copy SAS URL, install the Azure AzCopy

  • Open and login to your Office 365 account. Click Security & Compliance Center>> Data Governance >> Import.
  • Click +New Import Job appearing under Import page, where a new Import Job Wizard will be open. Give a name to the PST import job.
  • On the next page “Do you want to upload or ship your data?”, choose upload your data >> Next
  • Under Import Data window, copy the SAS URL for network upload and next download Azure AzCopy Tool.

Step 2 : Upload PST files to Office 365

Open the command prompt on your machine and go to the location where Azure AzCopy tool is installed.

Run the following command -
AzCopy.exe /Source:< Location of PST files> /Dest:< SAS URL> /V:< Log file location> /Y

Step 3 : View the PST files list that are uploaded into O365 account (This step is optional)

  • Download &launch Azure Storage Explorer Tool. Start the application>> Right Click on Storage Accounts that appears in its left pane >>select Connect to Azure Storage.
  • Choose Use a Shared Access signature (SAS) URI or connection string >> Next
  • Click Use a SAS URI and paste the SAS URL into the box under URI >> Next.
  • Now press Connect, on Connection Summary page. The Ingestion data container that contains the uploaded PST files will open. (To locate ingestiondata container, go to Storage Accounts >> (SAS-Attached Services) >> Blob Containers >>ingestion data.)
  • On completion of the process, click detach by right clicking on ingestion data.

Step 4 : Create PST import mapping file (Most important step)

  • Now that the process of uploading of PST files to Azure Storage location is completed, the next step is to create a CSV file that will be having the detailed information related to importing of PST files to their specified user mailboxes.
  • First, you have to download a sample copy of the PST import mapping file and save it to your local system in .csv format.
  • Fill the CSV file as per your organization’s requirement.

Step 5 : Create PST import job in O365

  • Again login to your Office 365 account
  • Go to Security & Compliance Center>> Data Governance >> Import
  • In new windows of the Import page, press +New Import job
  • Enter a name for the PST import job >> Next
  • On the next page Do you want to upload or ship your data?, press Upload your data >> Next
  • under Import Data Page, tick all the checkboxes appearing under “Prepare the Mapping File” :
    - I’m done uploading my files
    - I have access to the mapping file
  • and then click Next.
  • Under Select the Mapping file, on the next page, to upload the CSV file created in the preceding step by clicking on “Select Mapping file”
  • Once the name of the uploaded CSV file shows under Mapping File name, click Validate >>Finish button
  • After completion of the process, a new import job will get listed on the Import page. Click on Refresh button for checking the detailed status of all the latest updates.
Frequently manual process is not a success due to technical error and sometimes it may harm your data and you may completely lose it. At this time, the Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool is most helpful solution. It is completely safe & simple solution to operate it. It provides you completely accurate result in data migration for Windows Live Mail email to O365. Some other advance functions are given below which are absolutely useful for the conversion.

Features to Export Windows Live Mail to Office 365

Advanced Tool to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365

Batch files migration for speedy process

The Software is created for fulfilling users’ requirements and it easily convert all Live Mail emails into Office 365 directly. It can export all your Live Mail emails, contacts, attachments, Calendars into Office 365 cloud in one round processing. When you select WLM files then provides opportunity to select all files folder of WLM emails for conversion at once.

Migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365 with Attachments & Images

The tool is created with multiple functionality and it has been generated as per your demands. The tool supports in-built function which enables to migrate from Windows Live Mail to Office 365 with Attachments. During the migration process, mail attachments are converted in safe & accurate format. Users get all the attachments embedded within their email files.

Maintains Emails Properties

Emails header information or other information of emails such as bcc, cc, to, hyperlinks, plain text, font style, images, subject, formatting, etc. is accurately maintained. Therefore, after migration process of Windows Live Mail to Office 365, you get all your emails data without any change.

Filter & Finds Option to Export Emails

To find or manage database of emails and other purpose, the software provides some filter options which allow searching emails and previewing them accurately with Filter Option (To, size, from, date, subject, sent, received, etc.) which makes your searching process very easier & quicker.

Pause & Resume Conversion Functionality

The Software provides facility of continuous uploading data. The tool offers an elegant Pause & Resume function during migration process. Using the option, you can pause or resume the conversion procedure of Windows Live Mail to Office 365 without any problem & control the process as per your requirements or convenience.

Windows Live Mail to Office 365 in all Windows

The utility offers multiple developed functions which provides assured & complete migration result. As for the Operating System, it supports entire Windows OS – Win10, Win 8.1, Win 8.0, Win 7, etc. editions.

Screenshots of Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool

Some working Screenshots of the software are given below which helps to understand the working procedure of the Windows Live Mail to Office 365 migration tool.

Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Free Download

Specifications of Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool

Software Name: CubexSoft Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool
Free Download:

Download for Windows 100% Safe & Secure Buy Now 30 Money-Back Guarantee*

Version: 10.0
Processor: Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor
RAM: Minimum 512 MB
Minimum Hard Drive Space: 32.5 MB
Operating System: Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.
Demo Version: Download WLM to Office 365 Free Tool that is available with free edition which enables to import 10 emails from Windows Live Mail to Office 365 without any cost. The software is very helpful conversion product which has all beneficial functions and free trial edition is one of them which are for getting complete trust on it.
Installation & Un-installation for Windows: Guide Install/Uninstall EULA

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers regarding Windows Live Mail to Office 365 Tool

Yes, The software can easily convert Windows Live Mail emails to Office 365 directly but for that you have to provide Office 365 account login details.

No, To convert Windows Live Mail to Office 365 completely, there is no limitation for any file size or quantity. So you can convert unlimited files with any size.

Yes, The software is based on Windows OS so you can use it on any Windows OS to export Windows Live Mail to Office 365.

Yes, At the time of emails selection from Windows Live Mail stored location, choose folder which you want to convert into Office 365 then the software will convert all files in one round processing.

Getting the best solution for transferring Windows Live Mail messages to Office 365 is a tough task. And due to this fear, many users refrain themselves from doing so. Are you also one such user, who due to non-availability of the right solution, are unable to migrate Windows Live Mail to Office 365? Then read the following section that will help you get all your doubts cleared about both the applications.

Windows Live Mail 2012 is a desktop based email client with a very clear and simple interface. The mail client comes bundled with Microsoft Essentials Suite and supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows Server 2008 R2. On January 10, 2017, Microsoft ended its support for WLM client and the application can no more downloaded from Microsoft’s official site.

After its discontinuation, many Windows Live Mail users suffered and anxiously started looking for some solutions to keep their emails safe and secure. Those who suffered the most were home users and users from non-technical background, who only knew how to send and receive emails and nothing else.

Office 365 is a cloud based application that can be accessed at any time any from anywhere. It’s a complete application that along with providing emailing services also provides support for various productivity services like MS Office, free storage space on One Drive, 60 Skype minutes per month and more. Office 365 has opened many avenues for users, enabling them to grow their business to new heights. Moreover, it enables an organization’s administrators to manage their employee’s data at a centralized location. There are no issues with data security as Office 365 offers in-built security, making your data safe and secure from all thefts and attacks.

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