“Your Mailbox has been temporarily moved to Microsoft Exchange Server Error” – [SOLVED]

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After configuration with Office 365 account, one can face following message when opening MS Outlook:

Your mailbox temporarily moved on Microsoft Exchange.

Outlook keep asking about temporarily mailbox.

Your mailbox has been temporarily moved Exchange 2010.

You can work offline or connect to temporarily mailbox with old data.

Choosing old data will not allow send/receive e-mail messages.

Note: It is recommended not connect to temporary mailbox as it can result in data loss.

There is a common reason exists behind the error is the corruption of MS Outlook, and Outlook has automatically connected with Microsoft Exchange Server. Due to this, a user need to run troubleshooting and check whether Profile will open or not.

Method 1. Enable Cached Exchange Mode

Step 1. First, take exit from Outlook, open Control Panel, and go to Mail option.

Step 2. Click E-mail Accounts button.

Step 3. Select and double-click the desired account.

Step 4. Move cursor to the checkbox of Use Cached Exchange Mode and click on it.

Note: If it is already selected, then first deselect it and select it again after restarting MS Outlook.

Step 5. Restart Outlook and check if profile is opened.

Method 2. Delete all Outlook Accounts except Primary Profile

Step 1. Again, exit from Outlook, open Control Panel, and click on Mail option.

Step 2. Hit Show Profiles button.

Step 3. Choose account that is facing an issue and click Remove.

Step 4. A caution message will occur as shown:

Step 5. Follow the process repeatedly for each account except primary profile.

Step 6. Restart Outlook and check if it has worked or not.

Method 3. Create New Account and Delete Original Profile

Step 1. Exit Microsoft Outlook, go to Control Panel and click on Mail option.

Step 2. Click on E-mail Accounts button.

Step 3. Navigate to New option.

Step 4. Enter login details of new account and hit Next.

Step 5. Once account is created, delete previous profile and access current account as default. Furthermore, go to Mail option, select “Always use this profile”. Choose account that you created and click OK.

Method 4. Using ScanPST

ScanPST is a built-in repair utility for scanning PST file and help to repair associated minor errors. A user can run ScanPST tool from its own location and quickly run it. But, it is important to take PST file backup before using ScanPST because there are chances of data loss from mailbox and restore remaining data. It facilitate to access the account but not able to provide deleted data.

Method 5. Disable Unnecessary Add-Ons

There are some unnecessary add-ons, which stops to open Outlook application. Therefore, user need to disable each add-on one by one and check if account can open or not.

Method 6. Disable Anti-Malware

Few anti-malware software available that checks the incoming messages of account and stop them if they are suspicious. It also checks data of mailbox and removes harmful messages. A user can disable anti-malware software or prevent them from blocking the messages. After making use of troubleshooting methods, one can operate MS Outlook again. However, there are possibilities that one can either lose mailbox data or delete the account. Thus, in order to save OST file data, opt OST to PST conversion methods that can be implemented by using OST Converter. It is one of the best method for viewing and storing OST file data.

Wrap Up

The segment has discussed an error and provided best measures for the same. The software is introduced by experts and will help in retaining the entire OST data without single damage. The conversion time depend on the size of PST file. The tool is free from the limitations and help to backup unlimited files at one time. Once items are retrieved in PST, it can then import to new Outlook profile.