Windows Live Mail 2012 Crashes When Exporting to Outlook 2010

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Windows Live Mail is a free desktop-based email application provided by Microsoft Windows to create contacts, emails, calendars, RSS feed. It is part of Windows Live Essential 2012 and an alternative to Outlook. Microsoft has informed its users that recent changes may create problems to Windows Live Mail email delivery. This problem has enabled so many users to move to Outlook.

What are the reasons for Windows Live Mail 2012 Crashes When Exporting to Outlook 2010?

Microsoft now not supports the inbuilt feature to transfer process in the 2013 version. Microsoft also recommended its users to a newer platform to view emails from @live and other MS user accounts. Microsoft gives an inbuilt mail service to replace WLM 2012. This app may remove all problems regarding the Windows Live Mail Export crashes matter.

How to fix Windows Live Mail 2012 Crashes When Exporting to Outlook 2010?

There are multiple issues with Windows Live Mail that are met now and again. Corruptions of emails can also root Windows Live Mail Export crashes issues. These issues can be removed by applying the ordinary manual methods. There are few ways to fix the Windows Live Mail Exporting error.

Method 1 – Manage the Registry to Upsurge File Size

To upsurge the file size limit for MS Outlook 2010 PST file, there are two values required to be created in the Registry set.

  • First, Go to “Start” and type in “Run”.
  • In the Run window, type “Regedit” and click on Enter
  • You need to “Expand” My Computer and go to – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Outlook\PST
  • Now, select the WarnLargeFileSizeand click on Modify>>Value.
  • Now, you need to set a value but It should not higher than 4090445042 (decimal) or f3cf3cf2 (hexadecimal)
  • If Registry not created. right-click on the PST file on the left-pane.
  • Go to New>>DWORDand start typing WarnFileSize and press Enter
  • And Repeat the same steps for MaxLargeFileSize
  • At last, set a value not higher than 4294967295 (decimal) and ffffffff (hexadecimal)

Method 2 – Delete the Last Mail

Sometimes while exporting Windows Live Mail 2012 to Outlook 2010 crashes midway. It stopped at number say, 665 of 1022. The error message is saying that the mail is corrupt. And I must say it can be very difficult to find out one corrupt mail from hundreds of emails. The following fix can be used to remove Windows Live Mail Export to Outlook crashes issue:

  • First, open Outlook with the profile where the WLM emails are being moved to.
  • Exported emails will be showed there with the oldest at the topmost.
  • Now, go to the latest email that has just been exported.
  • Next, get back to WLM 2012and browse the target message and locate the message above it.
  • Now, delete that email and restart the Windows Live Mail 2012to Outlook 2010 email move.

Method 3 – Windows Live Mail 2012 – Repair it

  • Open WLM >> click on Start >> then Control Panel >> go to Programs >> then Programs and Features.
  • Now, search for Windows Live Essentials and then double-click.
  • Now, click on the Repair all Windows Live programs option.
  • Now, “Add or remove” the user account again and restart the Windows Live Mail 2012 to Outlook 2010 migration.

Note: The mentioned manual method must be okay to restore the export procedure. But what about Windows Live Mail crashes when exporting to MS Outlook error is not removed. Use the automated tool. Here Windows Live Mail to Outlook Converter can be used as an instant solution.

How to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2010


Microsoft stooped support of Windows 7. So WLM is no longer much useful. So, if you are still using Windows Live Mail, then it’s time to move on to Outlook (But first, make sure to take backup of WLM data.) and for this process, you can use the Windows Live Mail Converter tool. The tool will automatically locate the WLM emails. It even helps out you to directly import Windows Live Mail to Office 365 cloud-based.