Why is My Mac Not Receiving Emails?

Admin | Technology | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

If you are facing the issue of not receiving or sending messages or emails from Mac Mail, then this article helps you to find the correct way to start your Mac Mail activities again.

Sometimes these issues are temporary and can be resolved automatically, but sometimes you are required to utilize of other methods to resolve these issues.

Error or Notification Message in Your Status

If your error is not resolved automatically, then you need to check your Mac Mail status.

  • You can check whether your status shows an icon like Lightning Bolt or Warning. You can find the status of your account on the left sidebar of your Mac Mail account. Now, click on that status icon to view the exact error of your account.
  • You may find a Network Offline error, to resolve it check your internet connection and allow Mac to use the internet, and then try to open your email account again.
  • The second common error is Login Failed, if you find this error you need to verify the (ESP) email service provider and check that your account is setup correctly.
  • If your email account is shows an error in your entered password again and again then you can find the solutions here.

These are some common errors and their solutions, but if you find any other error and you are unable to resolve it, then you need to setup your account again. For that firstly you have to remove your Mac Mail account and then setup it again.

Backup Mac Mail Data on Hard Drive

If you want to avoid the loss of Mac Mail emails due to the above errors, then you are required to create a backup of all data on your local drive:

  1. Start your Account and then choose the Mailbox from the Mac Mail sidebar
  2. Now, click on the Mailbox and then Export Mailbox
  3. Select the exact path for your email backup and then click on the Choose option

This simple process can easily help you to backup your Mac Mail email data in .mbox file format.

Open Mac Mail Backup File in PDF

If you want to save your Mac Mail backup files into the PDF document format, then you are required to utilize the Mac Mail MBOX to PDF Converter tool. This will allow you to save your complete Mac Mail database in PDF files. This is the best way to get your data in secure file format:

  1. Download the MBOX Format Converter utility and then click on the Add Files tab
  2. Now, load your Mac Mail backup files or folder, then hit on the Export tab
  3. Choose the PDF from the Select Saving Options and utilize the related option to PDF and email attachments.
  4. Select the path where your backup data will be saved as a .pdf file and click on the Convert tab

With these simple steps, you can secure your Mac Mail email database and with this, you can also get your Mac Mail emails on another computer system or other devices like mobiles, tablets, etc.