Got “Unable to Verify the Identity of the Server Mac” issue: resolve it Now

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Users of Apple Mail occasionally experience the problem “unable to verify the identity of the server Mac.” They can’t go to their mailbox as a result of this problem. Several quick and simple fixes to the Apple Mail problem will be discussed in this article.

Emails are a necessary component of daily communication for both organizations and people. If you can’t send or receive emails, especially crucial ones for your job, it will be a major problem. The inability to send emails and the error message “unable to verify the identity of the server Mac” are two examples of problems that Apple Mail customers have encountered.

This problem typically happens if the mail server settings on your Mac and the email server’s SSL certificate don’t match. To ensure that the email service is secure, the device first obtains the SSL certificate from the mail server and then establishes a secure connection with the server. Your system is unable to validate an SSL certificate if it has expired or does not match the server’s domain name. As a result, it is unable to establish a connection with the email server and displays the error message “unable to verify the identity of the server Mac”.

There could be a number of additional causes for such an issue, though. Whatever the cause, let’s look at a solution to this problem.

Fixes for Apple Mail’s “Unable to verify the identity of Server” Error

Solution 1: Firstly Restart Mac   

Many minor problems can occasionally be resolved by simply restarting the Mac operating system. If the problem persists, try restarting your Mac. Continue with the subsequent techniques if it doesn’t.

Solution 2: Then Update MacOS

The most recent version of macOS can be attempted to be updated. The version’s glitches and bugs that could be the source of the error can be fixed with its assistance.

Solution 3: Now Update Carrier Settings

If this error is occurring on your iPhone or iPad, there may be a problem with the carrier settings. Updates to the iOS carrier settings are the most effective way to fix the problem.

Navigate to Settings > General > About to make changes to the carrier settings. Then, install the updates by adhering to the on-screen directions.

Solution 4: Might Start Apple Mail App

The error may occasionally be the result of an app error. If so, forcing the app to restart might help fix the problem. Press Option + Command + Esc to do this. The menu for Force Quit will appear. Reopen the program after selecting the Mail option.

Solution 5: Delete and Add your Account Again

The problem might be fixed by deleting the email account and adding it again. The identity certificates on the email server are reset when you delete and then add an email account, enabling the Apple Mail program to validate the email address.

The methods to delete and add the email account are listed below.

Step 1: Eliminating the email address

  • Activate the Settings.
  • Click Account after selecting Mail.
  • To delete a mail account, click on it.
  • After that, click the “delete” button once more.

Step 2: Adding the Email Account

  • To access Mail, click Settings.
  • To add an account, choose Account.
  • Choose a provider for your email service.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the procedure after adding details.

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As previously indicated, there are various solutions to the “unable to verify the identity of the server Mac” error in Apple Mail. Consider switching to a different email client, such as Microsoft Outlook, if none of these fixes resolve the problem or if it keeps happening. You can use MBOX to PST converter software, like CubexSoft MBOX Converter for Mac and Windows OS, to quickly transfer your Apple Mail data to Outlook. Apple Mail MBOX files are rapidly and easily converted into Outlook importable PST files using the software.