Steps to Move Outlook (Emails, Contacts, Calendars & Tasks) to

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These days, number of people prefers to preserve data on the cloud. Therefore, people are moving to cloud-based application from desktop-based clients. The use of email clients has increased a lot among the people for business communication and other important purposes. Moreover, the two most widely used emailing programs are Outlook and But, today users are switching to Outlook Online application from Outlook desktop due to numerous reasons such as data accessibility from any location, large storage space etc. So, in the following section, we will going to discuss different manual techniques to move data like Calendars, Tasks, Mails, Contacts from Outlook to Before continuing further, it is important to know the reason behind moving Outlook mailboxes to

Reasons to Migrate Outlook to is a web-based suite of webmail, contacts, calendaring services provided by Microsoft. On the other hand, MS Outlook is an email client program of MS Office Suite which contains calendar, contact manager, task manager etc. The basic difference between both email clients is that is a browser based application whereas Outlook is desktop-based email exchange program. One can easily access anytime from any location but Outlook is a desktop-based app, which saves the data on user’s system. This is one of the main reason due to which users want platform independent application. Now, the question arises how to move Outlook to When a user decides to switch from one email client to another, then it is one of the important question. Outlook to migration is a systematic process in which you need to follow the steps carefully to perform the process efficiently.

Outlook to – Manual Approach

The manual strategy of moving from Outlook to is a five-step process mentioned below:

Check if is configured as MS Exchange Account

The first and foremost thing you should check is the account of, which is configured as MS Exchange account in MS Outlook:

Click File option and go to Account Settings.

Proceed further if you get the message of “Microsoft Exchange” behind account. But, if it is displaying “Exchange ActiveSync”, then again add the account of through Auto Account Setup. This will help in connecting the account again as MS Exchange account.

Data Backup

Before starting the migration of Outlook to, ensure to backup Outlook file to save data from being lost or damaged. Just create a copy of PST files and keep them to safe location when Outlook is closed.

Check PST File Size

In spite of the fact that mailbox size is unlimited. There are some restrictions in place to prevent “explosive growth” of mailbox. This can be treated as indication of malicious use of mailbox or something else is wrong with it.

Upload data to

Now, in this step, you are prepared to move data items and folders from current mailbox or Outlook PST to mailbox.

Default Mail Folders

When uploading the content from default mail folders like Inbox and Sent Items, you may face difficulty as you cannot move these folders.

In order to move folders from Outlook to, first select all items by pressing Ctrl+A key and then you can transfer all the chosen items to corresponding folder in mailbox.

View mail folder in Outlook by using Ctrl+1 and to view all the folders, click Ctrl+6


The best technique to move Outlook calendar to is by switching Calendar view to a list view through view tab. To see all the folders of Calendar in Outlook, use Ctrl+2 key.


The steps of moving contacts is similar to move other mails from Inbox. For making things easy for exporting Outlook contacts to, switch to list view by going to home tab.


Moving the folder of task is an easy process but there are two main things noted here:

Ensure you have selected task folder and not the folder of to-do list.

Make sure that you haven’t apply any filter, select Simple List or Detailed List. The step enable to move history of tasks which is already completed from Outlook to

Press Ctrl+4 to view tasks folders.

Set as default and remove PST from Outlook

  1. At first, click on File option >> Account Settings.
  2. Click Email >> Remove POP3 account, if listed.
  3. Click on Data Files >> set OST file as default of account.
  4. Restart Outlook.
  5. Again, go to the tab of Data File.
  6. Note PST file location.
  7. Select PST file and click remove.

Final Words

Lot of times, users face issues to move Outlook database to Keeping all these issues in mind, our developers decided to provide a write-up on this. The blog will definitely help you out in migrating data such as contacts, mails, tasks, calendars etc. with no hassle. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you can move entire Outlook data to in seconds. You can also backup database to Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail/G Suite and more by making use of Backup Tool. Download it’s free demo now and check the entire software functioning without any trouble.