Should I Move Exchange to Could?

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Why Choose Cloud Office 365 Over Microsoft Exchange

Today’s 70% of businesses and organizations depend on emails as an important tool in the workplace. Not just for communication, it is also used as a tool for document storage, document transactions, timeline identification, communication recording. I would like to add that if this is the leave of your dependence on your email application, then your team might like to explore the Cloud Office 365 feature. And we talk about litigation, cloud services, and email discovery have become crucial to both prosecution and defense.

So why do so many businesses continue to stay on their mail server and continue facing problems like lost emails and data, spam, data corruption, security issue, system failure? I am the person who still believes in this notion “If I can see it, it belongs to me then I can protect it”.

Why Move Exchange to Could?

I did a server and I found that there are so many small mid-size companies that have their single server running their core process including MS Exchange Server. These individual server concepts are imprudent from both reliability and security point of view. It is also an expensive route when it comes to maintenance.

So many companies sold out because of (SBS) Microsoft’s Small Business Server. It was a simple concept for self-managing IT in small businesses. But, MS Exchange Server (SBS) has a reputation as the most complex Microsoft products have ever produced. An early outline of this product into a business could be done with ease. Upgrading, addition, and migration could not. Because of limited capacity, spam, security breach, backup failure, hardware failure, lack of redundancy has cost millions of dollars over the years.

Exchange to Office 365 Cloud

Outsourcing emailing will reduce the costs. I could recommend you to explore MS Office for business. Microsoft has made its products very cost-effective with Office 365. Office 365 Cloud is a much better option, as it is approachable from everywhere, you can access Office 365 online and its package is affordable than Exchange Server.

All and all, my point is you cannot afford to grieve the consequence of email crashed, errors, backup failures in today’s cooperate environment. Loss of data and poor backup lead to litigation issues. And expenses for maintaining an on-premise Exchange Server just don’t make any sense. If you are currently the host of Exchange Server, so it’s time to move now to Office 365 Could. And for Moving Exchange to Cloud Office 365, Read this: Exchange to Cloud Migrator