How to Save Thunderbird Emails as PDF Document Format?

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This information helps users to get quick and reliable methods to convert Thunderbird email to a PDF file format. Users will get to know about the whole process of how to save Thunderbird emails as PDF document format in the simplest way. One will is capable to export Thunderbird mail to PDF file with or without third-party application.

In current days, Mozilla Thunderbird is a very common email application that is widely used by millions of users to organize their personal or small business units. We all know about the profiles of converting of data and it’s always beneficial for the users to save digital data in the hard copy. It helps users to maintain protected details from any harmful effects such as corruption, technical issue, etc. In this blog, we all know that the needs of the process to print Thunderbird to PDF file format.

Why do We Need to Export Thunderbird Email to PDF Format?

Let’s see some user queries about the necessity of migrating Thunderbird emails to PDF document:

How can I print my Thunderbird emails in PDF document format? The emails are very crucial and important to me, so I can’t miss it at any cost.  Please suggest me the way to solve the issue successfully without losing any data? – Jessica Smith

Is there any expert who can suggest me a solution to convert Thunderbird Mailbox emails to PDF file format? I need this for some of my business purposes. Personally I tried to do the same, but no one method is working. Please help me out! – Emily Jenson

There are a number of reasons that force to save Thunderbird email as PDF file format. PDF files are desired to store important information in a protected environment. The PDF files are portable document file and hence a user can easily share Thunderbird emails as PDF document files in mobiles, android, laptop, computer, etc. PDF files can be simply viewed in any of these devices. Most of the people favored printing emails as PDF files including attachments. The image quality in PDF files is improved, which you are using for the resolve of printing.

Manual Way to Print, Open Thunderbird Emails as PDF File Format

One can easily convert a single or few Thunderbird emails to PDF files by using the Mozilla Thunderbird email application. Follow these below-given steps to know the complete process in an easy way.

Step 1. Choose the desired Thunderbird emails in the Mozilla Thunderbird Panel.

Step 2. Hit on the File menu and then select Save Selected Messages.

Step 3. The arrow button will show various file formats. Select only Save as PDF (Adobe) from it.

Step 4. Now, it will ask you to select the destination path to save the resultant PDF files. Choose the Folder & Path to save them at the required location.


  1. Capable to convert only single or few Thunderbird emails to PDF files.
  2. It does not export the attachments fixed with the Thunderbird emails into PDF files.
  3. Only a technical person can easily follow this method to save Thunderbird email as PDF.

Thunderbird to PDF – A Professional Way to Import Thunderbird Files to PDF

The Thunderbird Export to PDF Tool is a third-party application that allows converting Thunderbird emails as PDF files. Every technical and non-technical user can easily migrate emails from Thunderbird mailbox to PDF document with attachments. With the help of Thunderbird Converter software, you can transfer all type of Thunderbird files including without extension mailbox, MBOX files, EML files, and SBD files. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the issue of how to save Thunderbird emails as PDF document format:

Step 1. First of all, download and install Thunderbird Converter software on your system.

Step 2. Now, launch the tool and select Emails and then select an option between 1. Convert Default Configured Thunderbird Mailboxes, and 2. Let me select other Thunderbird Profiles/mailboxes saved separately. After that hit on Next.

Step 3. Choose Thunderbird mailboxes to move into PDF by using File Mode or Folder Mode of the software. Then, click on Next to continue.

Step 4. After choosing & adding Thunderbird mailboxes, the program will give the preview of all Thunderbird email messages got in the mailbox. Then, press on the Next to proceed further.

Step 5. Now, choose PDF as saving file type to save Thunderbird emails as PDF file and then hit on Next.

Step 6. After selecting PDF as output type, now select sub-options under PDF option such as – File Naming options, Advanced PDF saving options as per the requirement. And then click on Browse button to choose the destination location to save converted Thunderbird mailboxes. Now, click on the Export option to start the process.

Step 7. When the process completes, a message will quickly display i.e. Conversion Completed. Then, hit on OK to finish the Thunderbird to PDF conversion process.

The Final Verdict:

In this blog, we challenge with the number of users queries about how to save Thunderbird emails as PDF file format, how to export Thunderbird email to PDF document, how do I extract emails from Thunderbird MBOX to PDF. We try to find about the original reason for the need of Thunderbird to PDF Converter. PDF files are mostly used by the legal consultants and known as the favored method to keep and store important information in secured file format. We tried to describe a free as well as a professional method to import Thunderbird email messages to PDF format.