PowerMail to Gmail / G Suite Migration

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How to Export PowerMail to G Suite Could-Based Application

PowerMail is a Mac OS Based Emails client which comes with very exciting features that easily manage emails for beginner and experienced users too. PowerMail uses MBOX as a default file format to keep its mailbox data. PowerMail comes with features like email search, drag and drop menu, management, email storage, etc. PowerMail email search features are more accurate and quicker than the other email clients. It also comes with communicating Graphical Interface that makes it suitable for non-technical users.

Now the question arises, why we need to export from PowerMail to Gmail / G-suite? Here is the answer, Since PowerMail is a desktop email client which is compatible with Mac OS, and many users need to go with Cloud and Web-Based platform like Google Mail / G Suite for better accessibility. To complete such migration, one needs to export data from PowerMail to G-suite / Gmail.

Here, we are going to discuss the easiest way to Export PowerMail to Gmail / G Suite. But First, we are looking at the inbuilt feature of PowerMail to Export emails to Other email clients, then we proceed to a reliable third-party utility to Export PowerMail Data to Gmail / Google Mail with 100% result. But first, let’s have a look at the inbuilt PowerMail Feature.

Export MBOX File From PowerMail Using Export Feature.

Since PowerMail itself does not provide any default option to export PowerMail emails to G Suite.

First, we need to use its inbuilt feature to export emails to MBOX file format, and then you will export MBOX files to Gmail by using PowerMail to Gmail Converter Tool. Follow the below-given steps –

1 – Open PowerMail application on your Mac Machine

2 – Then Click on “File” >> Database >> Export button

3 – Now chose the Unix Mailbox option to export all your PowerMail Mailbox as an MBOX file format. You can also select “Include Attachments” to include attachments.

4 – Click on the Go Ahead button.

Note: For, above image, you can see that PowerMail provides a default exporting feature from PowerMail to Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, etc.

The resulting MBOX file contains all the emails and other items of PowerMail. Now it’s time to use PowerMail to Gmail / G Suite Converter Tool.

Note: Since MBOX to G Suite is a Windows-based Tool, so first, you need to transfer PowerMail MBOX files to Windows Based Machine with the help of a Pen drive or any external drive, and then you can use the software.

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CubexSoft PowerMail to Gmail / G Suite Converter

PowerMail MBOX to G Suite Converter allows the migration of multiple PowerMail MBOX files to Gmail’s web-based user account. Tools offer multiple filter options based on mail properties like From, Subject, To, Date filed, etc. PowerMail to Gmail / G Suite Converter Tool completely maintain original formatting and folder structure. All you need to follow some simple steps for PowerMail to Gmail Conversion.

1 – Launch the MBOX to Gmail Tool

2 – Add PowerMail Exported MBOX Files

3 – Login to your Gmail/G Suite admin account

4 – And then start the PowerMail MBOX Files to Google account migration.

PowerMail to Gmail is an efficient software that can export PowerMail MBOX files to Gmail / G Suite. It extracts data like attachments, drafts, emails, notes, deleted items, and many more from PowerMail. PowerMail to Gmail Converter Tool allows the users to export PowerMail Mailbox to Gmail / G Suite could account. This tool maintains the original data formatting, attachments, folder structure into Google Mail, Gmail, G Suite. You can see the capabilities of PowerMail to G Suite Converter Tool in its trial version. But yes, the trial version has some limitations, so that you must buy the fully licensed edition to use the software without restriction.

Advantages of PowerMail to G Suite Converter Tool

1 – Support to Export about 20+ MBOX file supported email clients

2 – Convert MBX, MBOX, MBX, MSF file format

3 – Export PowerMail MBOX files to Gmail / Google Mail / G Suite Could user account

4 – Preview for a quick data review

For you to know the better understand the software feature and its functionalities. Here, you can download the free demo version of the tool.

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