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Pocomail to Office 365

Are you bothering about how to migrate Pocomail emails into Office 365 mailbox? If yes, then no need to worry anymore, here in this blog, I am suggesting you the best way to convert Pocomail data to Outlook Web App account along with all email messages, and attachments in a precise manner without any changes.

“For two weeks, I was searching for a complete method to save Pocomail emails to Office 365 cloud with attachments. I have read many articles, blogs, and forums, then I have found the best tool i.e. MBOX to Office 365. It helping me to upload email data from Pocomail to Office 365 Webmail in the same manner without any type of issue.”

Looking for Email Conversion Solution

Having a complete and reliable solution is enough to achieve the email data conversion. I started reading numerous forums to find easy and best solution. Though examining forums posts, I had some user’s query like:

  • How to export Pocomail files to Office 365 account?
  • How to upload Pocomail emails to O365 cloud mailbox?
  • How to save bulk Pocomail mails in MS Office 365 directly?
  • How to import Pocomail profiles to Office 365 Webmail?
  • How to Migrate Pocomail to Microsoft Office 365 account?

Manual Way to Migrate Pocomail Files in Office 365 Webmail

Step by Step manual method is mentioned below to export, and convert Pocomail emails to Office 365 account:

Step 1. Firstly, export PocoMail emails into Eudora application

Step 2. Now, Import Eudora files into Outlook email application.

Step 3. Then, extract Outlook emails in PST file format.

Step 4. After that transfer PST file in Office 365 cloud:

  • Using Network upload method, or
  • Drive Shipping Method

Drawbacks of Manual Process:

  • It is a very lengthy and time-taking process.
  • It requires to have the technical knowledge to follow the process.
  • Not suitable for bulk migration to export multiple emails from Pocomail to Office 365 Webmail
  • It is a very tricky and difficult process to follow by the non-professional user.
  • It has a high risk of data loss throughout the entire conversion procedure.

Opt Third-Party Solution to Directly Convert Pocomail Files to Office 365 Account

After getting irritated with the manual method, you can go with the alternative solution i.e. Pocomail to Office 365 software. It allows a user to directly perform Pocomail emails to Office 365 migration within a few minutes. For using this software, you do not require any technical knowledge. Every technical or novice user can precisely achieve the conversion. You just need to have MBOX files of Pocomail and the login credentials of your Office 365 account to import Pocomail emails in Exchange Online account by using the program.

Highlight Features of the Pocomail to Office 365 software:

  • Supports Batch conversion: The tool is a well-developed utility that is suitable for both single and batch email conversion from Pocomail MBOX mailbox to OWA account at once. Using Add File or Add Folder button you can move bulk Pocomail files in O365 folder in a single procedure without any issue.
  • Avail “With Impersonation” and “Without Impersonation”:  For converting Pocomail data into Office 365, the software gives two options i.e. With Impersonation and Without Impersonation. If you choose With Impersonation option, then you need to fill the login credentials of your Office 365 admin account once, and then fill only the login ID of a different account of Office 365 which exist in the same admin account for every Pocomail mailbox to import into Outlook Web Access. Or if you choose Without Impersonation option, then you need to fill the different login ID and password of Office 365 account for every mailbox. Using this option you can also move Pocomail emails to Outlook.com, Live.com, etc. without any issue.
  • Offers Save Report facility: Save Report option is also provided by the Pocomail to Office 365 software. The Save Report option highlights after completing the process. By clicking on this you can the complete conversion details of Pocomail emails to Outlook Web App in a CSV file. In this report, you can see Start Time and End Time of the process, Item Count, Total Items, File Name, etc.
  • Provides Date-Filter option: You can also use the date-filter option of the tool that helps to perform selective migration of Pocomail email in Office 365. By enabling this option you can set date-range and convert particular date–range data from Pocomail mailbox to OWA account having no one difficulty.

Client Review:

When I first searched for a solution for Pocomail to Office 365 migration, I got the assurance that there were other users too who were exploratory for related solution. With some more improvement, I searched more extensively and got the best method or solution in one of post. Finally, I got Pocomail to Office 365 software, an amazing program. As it provides different features and direct method to convert Pocomail files to OWA account.

After that, I decided to contact the technical support directly to know in parts about the tool. The person at the support assisted me completely and said that I can even use this application before investing. I asked how? Then, he said to me that software comes up with its trial version to know full application’s functionality.

After trying a free demo of the software, I buy the full edition of the tool and easily started data conversion from Pocomail to O365 mailbox.


By utilizing the above-mentioned alternative solution, you can convert bulk Pocomail emails to Office 365 account. It takes only a few minutes to execute Pocomail to Office 365 migration process. The best thing you will get is that integrity of the Pocomail mailbox is retained intact after exporting data from Pocomail files to Office 365 Webmail. The Application does not need any other utility to convert unlimited Pocomail mails to Exchange Online account. On the other hand, it is easy to operate on all Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) OS versions without any problem. Modest, easy, as well as error-free to migrate Pocomail to Office 365 database successfully.