How to Resolve “Outlook for Mac Unable to Add Office 365 Account”? – Troubleshooting Guide

Sarabjeet Kaur | fix Outlook Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Modified on: 27-03-2024
how to fix outlook for mac unable to add office 365 account

One must have an in-depth knowledge of both platforms in order to set up Office 365 with Mac Outlook. You must possess technical knowledge in order to properly configure an Office 365 account with Outlook for Mac. You may easily fix the “Outlook for Mac unable to add Office 365 account” issue by reading this blog post.

One of the most flexible email client apps that both individuals as well as companies utilize is MS Outlook. It’s simple to integrate feature that enables users to establish several email account types including IMAP, POP, SMTP, Office 365, and Exchange, is what makes it a frequently used email client. Additionally, Microsoft Outlook works with both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems, and users may take advantage of its unique features to arrange their communication and work.

A user must be familiar with the specific way in order to make a cross-platform connection between Outlook for Mac and an M365 account, as it requires certain data from both platforms. Mac Outlook is unlikely to be able to add an Office 365 account if this isn’t the case.

How to Set Up Outlook Mac for Office 365?

In order to begin, make sure that Outlook for Mac is installed on your system. Next, set up an Exchange connection and configure Outlook for Mac to access your Microsoft 365 account. You may access your Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, and email using the Exchange connection. The steps for configuring Outlook Mac with Office 365 are as follows:

  • Launch Mac Outlook.
  • Choose Preferences from the Outlook menu by clicking on it, and then tick Accounts.
  • An “Accounts” window will open. Choose Office 365/Exchange from the available options.
  • When the following dialog box appears, input the information for your Office 365 or Exchange account:
  • Select the “Automatically Configure” checkbox.
  • To Add Account hit.
  • A notification asking if you want the auto-discover server to configure your settings is then shown. After picking “Always use my response for this server,” tap Allow.

This will enable you to set up Outlook for Mac with your Office 365 environment. Even if you’re using a different email client in addition to Mac Outlook, this is still a helpful method. Users can access Office 365 emails and messages without opening an O365 account after Office 365 is set up with Outlook for Mac. You may also set up Microsoft 365 to access your mailbox through the Outlook for Mac desktop client, if you’d like.

Set Up Office 365 Mailbox for Mac Desktop Client Using Outlook

To take use of Office 365’s features and benefits, the majority of Mac users wish to configure their O365 account via Outlook for Mac. To setup Office 365 if you’re using Mac Outlook as your desktop client, follow these steps:

From the desktop Outlook Mac application-

  1. Press “Accounts” after choosing “Tools.”
  2. Choose “New Account” by clicking the (+) symbol in the lower left corner.
  3. After being asked to enter your Office 365 email address, select “Continue.”
  4. Enter the Microsoft 365 Password for the account to complete the setting.

The following troubleshooting techniques can be used, even so, if you’re having problems configuring Office 365 with the Outlook for Mac desktop client.


The following instructions can be used by users who have already set up their Office 365 mailbox to be used in the Mac Outlook desktop client but are still prompted for their Office 365 password:

  • To confirm your login details, go to and enter your Office 365 email ID & password.
  • Keychain Access for Mac, a software that comes with Mac, is used to save account details as well as passwords. Outlook may attempt to authenticate with an outdated O365 password. If you’re experiencing problems with your Office 365 email address & password, it’s crucial that you remove previous entries. You can visit [/support/how-to /clear-keychain-access-for-mac] to accomplish this.

The following will happen if you can’t connect to the server:

  • Examine and confirm the network connection.
  • As well, confirm that auto-discovery is set up correctly for your domain. See


for additional information.

  • If everything appears to be in order, get in touch with your administrator to see if multi-factor authentication is activated.

What happens if the Above-Mentioned Techniques Don’t work to Add An Office 365 Account to Mac Outlook?

Installing the most recent updates might help if you are having trouble connecting the Office 365 account with Outlook for Mac or if you are having trouble following the preceding instructions. Then, you can try again. Additionally, you can try adding an Office 365 account after selecting “Revert to Legacy Outlook” from the help menu.

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Last Verdict

One of the most reliable email clients for Mac & Win is MS Outlook. It functions the same on both platforms. Outlook Mac might be the ideal option for Mac users to communicate both inside and outside of their company. Additionally, users can use Office 365 by simply integrating Outlook for Mac with Exchange and Office 365 mailboxes. But, when Outlook for Mac failed to add an Office 365 account, some users might have encountered configuration difficulties.

In the aforementioned write-up, we offer a detailed setup guide for Outlook for Mac with an Office 365 account. Additionally, we recommend using the robust OLM to Office 365 Migration Tool to easily transfer your Mac Outlook mailbox data into the Office 365 environment.