Various Techniques to Fix Outlook for Mac Exchange Sync Issues without any Worries

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outlook for mac exchange sync issues

Outlook for Mac offers Exchange connectivity on macOS environment. The application provides facility to work offline in Exchange environment. The synchronization process is done between the Exchange Server and Outlook for Mac (client app) to update any modifications done on any one side (client-side or server-side), to automatically get reflected on the other side. But sometimes, it happens that that this Mac Outlook to Exchange synchronization doesn’t finish properly because of errors, corrupted OLM files, improper account configuration etc. Due to this, the mailboxes don’t get updated either on the server-side or on the client-side). To update these mailboxes on both the applications, it becomes essential to fix Outlook for Mac Exchange sync issues.

What Leads to Outlook Mac Synchronization Errors with Exchange Server

There are many Outlook for Mac users who are having why is my mac outlook not syncing with Exchange queries. So lets find out the causes, as stated below :

  • Offline Mode : You are using Outlook for Mac in offline mode therefore there is no connectivity with its associated server.
  • Failed Connection : Your Outlook for Mac email client fails to connect with Exchange Server.
  • Caching error : The Outlook for Mac Cache is damaged or corrupted
  • Inappropriate Settings : The settings are inappropriately configured

Now that we are aware of the causes leading to Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange Server issues, let move ahead to know various techniques to resolve the same.

How to Remove Sync Error in Outlook Mac with Exchange – Know Various Techniques

1. Check Offline Status Mode

Checking offline mode is the elementary check that you can do before attempting any secondary method. Open Outlook for Mac >> Outlook menu >> check whether Work Offline option is checked or not. If it is selected, then deselect it. Now check if Outlook for mac and Exchange synchronization is happening or not. If it is doing fine then everything is OK, if not then let’s move to another method.

check offline mode

2. Recreate Mac Outlook Data File

Follow the stated below troubleshooting method to fix Outlook for Mac exchange sync issues via rebuilding Outlook for Mac file.

First you need to close all Mac Outlook and its associated processes presently running on the machine. Then, save backup of Outlook for Mac Identities folder in C:\ drive. Next, click on Outlook app by pressing and holding Alt Key to start MS Database utility app.  Now, choose the identity that you want to regenerate and tap on Rebuild option to start recreating it. Wait till the process completes and after some time you will have a recreated Mac Outlook data file.

3. Clear Outlook for Mac Caching

Use this method when only a specific folder is not synchronizing. (And the remaining Exchange folders are synchronizing with Outlook).

First, make sure that both Outlook for Mac and Exchange server are connected properly. Right-click on the Exchange Folder that is creating issue while syncing and tap on Properties. From there, go to General Tab >> Click Empty Cache option. Now, check if the affected folder is synchronized or not. And if yes, then check whether new items are coming in it or not.

empty Outlook for Mac cache

4. Check Exchange Connectivity

Another reason why Outlook of Mac is not syncing with Exchange is the bad connectivity between Mac Outlook and its dedicated Exchange Server. Follow the below method to confirm if the issue has arisen due to bad connectivity

Open Outlook for Mac >> Click Tools >> Accounts and check the Exchange account. If it shows orange indicator against the selected Exchange account, then it confirms that there is some connectivity issue. Disconnect and try to re-configure it. Then connect the reconfigured exchange Account with Outlook on the Web and check the Exchange Server status now. If all is OK, then re-connect to the dedicated server again.

5. Update Outlook for Mac application

If you are still encountering with the Outlook Mac synchronization errors with Exchange Server, then it may be possible that you have missed critical updates. Follow these steps to update Mac Outlook application.

  • Open Outlook for Mac >> Help menu. Click of Check for Updates
  • From the Microsoft AutoUpdate window >> select Automatically option. You can also choose the desired time frame for update cycle, as per your suitability, from the Check for Updates section.
  • Finally hit on Check for Updates button. All the latest updates list will be displayed, you can download and install them conveniently.

6. Reindex the Mac Outlook application

Follow these steps to fix Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange issues by reindexing the Mac Outlook email app.

  • Close all running applications
  • In the launcher, Click on Outlook icon to open Outlook Index tool
  • Tap on Reindex option while choosing the database
  • Launch the terminal after the Reindexing process is finished. Now, run the following commands one at a time :
    • sudo mdutil -E /
    • sudo mdutil -i on /

7. Restart Sync Services Agent

You can easily resolve the Outlook for Mac Exchange sync issues by restarting Sync Services Agent.

  • Close Outlook for Mac
  • Navigate to Applications >> Utilities
  • From there, choose Activity Monitor
  • Under Process Name tab, click on Sync Services Agent
  • Select the process and hit on Quit option
  • Finally, exit the Activity Monitor and open your Mac Outlook email app again to verify if the error is resolved or not.

All the above-mentioned techniques are easy and can be used to resolve your “how do I fix Outlook for Mac sync errors” and related queries effectively. You can try any of these methods to easily get of this unfortunate and annoying situation. But what will you do if you are unable to access the Outlook for Mac files? You may start by rebuilding MS Office database via MS Database Utility, which is located at its default location : Applications/ Microsoft Office 2011/Office/. You can start reconstructing Office database with the help of this utility by tapping on the identity of the database that you need to recreate. If the MS Outlook for Mac files are still inaccessible, then you need some professional utility the retrieve the same.

How to Access Mac Outlook Data in MS Exchange Server?

If you are still unable to fix the Outlook Mac synchronization error, then you can directly upload your Mac Outlook OLM files to Exchange Server using professional OLM Converter. The utility enables you to perform secure and complete migration of OLM data files to Exchange Server including emails, contacts, journals, calendars and many more. The software provides batch option to move multiple OLM files to Exchange and other cloud applications, in single processing. Additionally, you can also make use of various filters to move only specific data from OLM file to destination Exchange account. You can easily migrate OLM files of all MS Outlook for Mac editions – 2011, 2016, 2019. OLM to Exchange Tool provides simple solution to extract inaccessible Outlook for Mac files without any data loss or alteration. 

select saving options to migrate OLM to exchange

Follow this below mentioned step by step process to understand the OLM to Exchange migration process.

  • Open the software and add OLM files using Select Files and Select Folders option
  • The software will start scanning the OLM files and displays the folders in tree structure
  • Choose the required folders that you need to move to your Exchange Account and hit Next.
  • Choose Exchange Server/ Hosted Exchange Server from the Select Saving option list
  • Enter your login details of the associated Exchange Server account into which you want to migrate OLM data and click on Next button
  • The software will connect with your Exchange server and start exporting OLM files into it.
  • On successful completion, a new message window opens showing “Conversion completed successfully” message.

Time to Wrap Up

Due to Exchange and Outlook Mac synchronization errors, many Mac Outlook users fail to access updated mailboxes of Exchange server on their local Outlook mac machine. They can easily solve this error using multiple techniques, as discussed above – by inspecting offline mode, recreating Mac Outlook data file, clearing Outlook cache files, verifying Exchange Connectivity and more. But, if the issue still persists, then they can opt for using professional solution, i.e., OLM Converter. You can even check its working capability using its free demo edition that allows to move first 25 items per OLM file to Exchange Server, for free evaluation.