Move Office 365 to New Account of Various Applications

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Office 365 is a cloud-based application that offers many products and services which depends on the selection of subscription plans. It provides complete access to web-based apps like Exchange Server, SharePoint application, OneDrive which can be used for business purposes, and other valuable applications. In subscribed account of Office 365 application, it provides you access to the email managing application that is Outlook which is considered the best application amongst other email clients. So, if you are finding the perfect way to move Office 365 to new account of the same or another application then this reading will let you perform this migration process easily.

There are many methods are available for this process but none of them is recommended for the migration process. But for migration from Office 365 account with other explained methods, you are required to plan every step to complete the procedure without any loss occurrence. In this article, you can find the whole procedure of third-party software that is Office 365 Converter and understand the process to move Office 365 to new account of various applications with more accurate results.

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Procedure to Move Office 365 to New Account of Desired Applications

To perform Office 365 migration procedure you have to get complete knowledge of both the applications between which you want to process data. Through the following steps, you will become able to move Office 365 to new account of your desired web application.

Step 1. Download Office 365 Converter and install it on your computer system.

Step 2. The first window of this software will give you the section that is Select Email Source through which you have to select your source application that is Office 365. 

Step 3. Now, through the utilization of the Backup section, this will allow you to select a destination application. You can select Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Amazon Workmail, IMAP Server, and Hosted Exchange Server.

Step 4. After this, it allows you to choose required filtration options through which you can migrate data according to date and email headers.

Step 5. Click on the Backup button to start the processing and wait for the completion message window.

Through the above steps of migration, you can easily move Office 365 to new account of the desired application. This tool can maintain the secrecy of your entered accounts so that you can perform the process without any issue. It can retain the structure of files so that every user can understand all transferred data with a simple view. This tool has features that are required for the process of Office 365 migration with a user-friendly interface. It can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and all other remaining Windows OS.


With the reference to the above discussion, it is now clear to all of us that through the use of third-party software, one can move Office 365 to new accounts of Office 365, Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail, etc. You can use this software with its free edition which can perform this migration process with the first 20 items of every selected folder as the whole migration can be done with the licensed edition.