How to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 – Know Step by Step Procedure to Move MDaemon Server / WorldClient Emails to Office 365

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Migrating from MDaemon to Office 365 is a hot topic these days as every second user is looking for different ways to move MDaemon email server database to cloud account. If you are one among them, then follow this blog and get instant MDaemon Converter, a direct solution for how to migrate MDaemon to Office 365.

But first let us discuss about both these applications :

MDaemon v/s Office 365

MDaemon is a groupware application, developed by Alt-N Technologies. It’s a Windows based application that includes a Server, Webmail (WorldClient) and desktop application. It offers in-built spam filters, SSL and TLS encryption, groupware data sharing support etc. Office 365, on the other hand, is a subscription based cloud service, released by Microsoft. It offers support for various productivity services (Hosted Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Skype for Business, One Drive) and familiar Office Web Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc).

Considering the number of organizations looking for solution to migrate their user mailboxes from MDaemon directly into Office 365 environment, using a third party tool is the recommended solution. MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool is one such utility that provides effective solution for Worldclient Webmail MDaemon email Server migration to OWA.

Although, many of them first look for direct or manual methods and try the same for transferring MDaemon data into O365 account. Follow this article that will try to help you achieve your desired task using both methods.

Direct Solution for MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Process

MDaemon to Office 365 is a direct and one of the easiest way out to migrate MDaemon mailboxes including emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, journals and other items to Office 365. The application built-up with understandable interface so that all users (technical & non-technical) and organization can utilize it to move MDaemon database into Office 365.

MDaemon to Office 365 is equipped with many features such as offers multiple filters for specified migration, runs on all Windows OS, complete database migration, bulk migration in a single time and much more. Moreover, besides Office 365, the tool provides other saving options too such as Exchange, Gmail, G Suite, Outlook PST, PDF, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Lotus Notes, and more. Download the free demo version of MDaemon to Office 365 application and explore its working as well as features free of cost. It allows to migrate first 25 files per folder from MDaemon to O365 free.

Easy Steps to Migrate MDaemon Emails, Contacts & Calendar to Office 365

Follow the step-by-step process to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 with 100% accuracy:

Step 1. Launch MDaemon to Office 365 Tool on your PC.

launch MDaemon Export

Step 2. Click either Select Files/Select Folders button to load MDaemon files. Press Next.

add MDaemon files

Step 3. Choose required checkbox to convert desired MDaemon files/folder and click Next.

selective MDaemon conversion

Step 4. Select Office 365 from the list of saving options.

Step 5. Provide Office 365 account details in email ID and password. If you have admin account then click I am Admin option. 

Step 6. Now, click Connect button to start MDaemon to Office 365 process.

Step 7. Once software connected to account, it will display screen to select desired user from admin account.

Step 8. Finally, hit Export button to start the process which will completed with message “Conversion Completed Successfully”.

Key Features Supported by MDaemon to Office 365 Tool

  • Direct Migration – With MDaemon to Office 365 Backup Tool, direct transfer of MDaemon mailboxes to O365 account is guaranteed. No third party software is required for performing the task as the software independently handles everything and migrate WorldClient Webmail MDaemon email server data to Cloud database.
  • Easy Migration – With a simple GUI, migrating MDaemon user profiles to O365 cloud is a simple to do task for even non-technical users. No technical training is required to use this tool and anyone can easily transfer MDaemon mailboxes into Office 365 environment.
  • Accurate Migration – The tool supports precise migration of MDaemon emails to Office 365 account. It ensures that all the emails are transferred including all properties – Meta elements (to, cc, subject, sent/received date etc.), Formatting (HTML, RTF), Attachments (keeps them in original format), Message Body etc. The utility even manages to retain accurate folder hierarchy of MDaemon Mail folders in Office 365 account too.
  • Selective Migration – MDaemon to Office 365 Migration Tool supports selective mail folder migration by providing option to select folders via ticking their respective checkboxes. Moreover, the tool offers different filters that enables migration of selective MDaemon messages to O365, as per specified filters (To, From, Subject and Date Range).
  • Unlimited Migration – Using the application, a user can migrate unlimited MDaemon mailboxes into Office 365 account at one time. The software facilitate to load unlimited files from the system on the software and migrate all of them into Office 365 environment at once with accurate emails, contacts, calendar, journals, tasks, notes and other items in couple of seconds. 
  • Dual Mode Migration – The MDaemon to Office 365 software supports two options to load MDaemon data i.e. Select File(s) and Select Folder. Select File(s) option help to load desired MDaemon files and Select Folder enable to load entire MDaemon folder and allows to move them at one time into O365 profile without trouble.
  • Log Report Generation – Once the migration is over, the software generates a log report in Notepad, showing the complete migration report including Start Date and time, Chosen Saving option, Email Source, Folders path, number of items converted, status etc. Save this report in TXT for future use.

Manual Method to Migrate MDaemon Email Server Database to Office 365

However, manual method is available that can help to enable you to transfer MDaemon to Office 365 account. MDaemon provides MDaemon Connector for Outlook add-on that allows synchronization of MDaemon data with MS Outlook. Then export the same data in PST and move this PST file in Office 365 account. So the entire process is divided in 3 stages :

Stage 1 : Synchronize MDaemon data with Outlook (using MDaemon Connector Add-on)

Stage 2 : Export Outlook data in PST file

Stage 3 : Import PST file to Office 365 account using :

  • Drive Shipping method
  • Network Upload

Problems with Manual Method

  • The entire process is quite lengthy to follow by a non-technical user.
  • Too many steps might make the process confusing and complex. And missing a single step may result in complete data loss or corruption.
  • The entire procedure is dependent upon the proper synchronization of MDaemon to Outlook. And incomplete or failed synchronization will result in complete failure of the MDaemon to O365 migration.
  • Deep technical knowledge is required for getting desired results.


In this blog, we have discussed the most reliable method for migrating MDaemon user mailboxes to Office 365 account. You can also check its efficiency using its FREE demo edition and learn how to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 cloud. Free demo will let you migrate first 20 emails from selected MDaemon mail folder to OWA.