How to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365?

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Are you ready for a migration of Exchange mailbox to Office 365? The process can be a challenge in any type of organization, bureaucracy, paperwork and unexpected situations to overcome.

The guide provided every possible solution for both technical and non-technical users.

Every IT related tasks has several different methods that desired user can opt to accomplish the goals. And, in order to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365, there are three solutions at your disposal i.e. Cutover or Express Migration, Staged Migration and Exchange Migration Tool.

Solution 1. Cutover/Express Migration to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

Express Migration is one of the quickest way out to move Exchange mailbox to Office 365 environment easily.

Go through the below discussed procedure to assess whether the technique is suitable for your situation or not:


  • Supports Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013.
  • Business managing mailboxes up to 2000.

If organizations meets the requirement, then follow the below steps to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365:

Generate Receiving Point:

At first, you need build security group of empty-mail enabled in Office 365. You can do the same by login to Office 365 Admin Center, click Group and hit Create New to create new group.

Generate Migration Endpoint

Now, link Office 365 to Exchange on-premises. To perform the same, go to Exchange Admin Center, navigate to Recipients, click Migration, go to New and select Migrate to Exchange Online. In this section, choose Cutover Migration. On the next screen, you can see the details for migration endpoint.

Provide Access to User License

For possessors of migrated mailboxes who wants to acquire access to their mail, O365 licenses need to be granted to every user. Follow simple instructions for the same.

Domain Re-Routing

At last, re-route the domain to Office 365 from MS Exchange, making ensure that all sent/received mails task will be performed via new channel. Simple guide to configure the domain.

Solution 2. Staged Migration to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

At first, make sure that organization fulfil the requirements before using the process. It is important for a company to meet several criteria to ensure that this process of migration is right for the situation.


  • System configured with either Exchange 2003 or 2007.
  • Business manages mailboxes more than 2000.

Staged Migration is a process that suits larger organizations. It means, that organization Admin should be the in charge of this responsibility. But, in case you choose DIY and organization meets the criteria as stated above, then follow the steps to execute full migration.

Users Synchronization

Synchronize the users list using Exchange Server on-premises with Office 365 by using the guide.

Create Mailbox List

Create mailbox list that needs to be migrated in MS Excel Spreadsheet. It allows to move mailboxes without providing individual addresses. Follow the guide to create mailbox list.

Complete Mailbox Transfer

Now, run Staged Migration for transferring Exchange mailbox to Office 365. To do the same follow the guide. At last, allot licenses to approved mailboxes, making them ready for use. The steps to perform the same discussed here.

Solution 3. Exchange Migration Tool to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

The Exchange Migration Tool does not have any requirements. It supports all Exchange Server editions and unlimited mailboxes. The process is reliable, secure and possesses direct functionality to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Moreover, it provides number of features to migrate Exchange mailboxes. The remarkable thing about the tool is that it is very easy to use, it has been designed according to the requirements of professionals as well as non-professionals. Download the free Exchange Migrator application now and check the working steps of the tool to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365.

Step-by-Step Process to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

Step 1. Run Exchange Migration Tool on the system configured with any Exchange Server edition.

install software

Step 2. Click Add button to add Exchange Account from which you want to migrate mailboxes.

select account

Step 3. Now, choose Office 365 option from saving options and add its details.

select destination

Step 4. Select mailbox type, choose desired folder to migrate i.e. Mailboxes, Public Folder or Archive Mailbox. Click Next.

select migration type

Step 5. Tool now connect to provided Exchange account and list all its mailboxes with checkbox on left pane. You can select the mailbox as per need to migrate desired items. Apply filters and other options. Click Next.

apply filters and other options

Step 6. Export Process report appears on the screen showing live migration of Exchange mailbox to Office 365. When the process completes “Process Completed Successfully” message appears on the screen.

Exchange mailbox migration done

Benefits of using application to Migrate Exchange Mailbox to Office 365

Migrate Exchange Mailbox with Archive Mailbox and Public Folder

Using Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 Tool, a user has the freedom to migrate each and every database of Exchange account. After adding the Exchange account for migration, software will connect to the same account and on the next screen provide the option to move the desired mailbox. It can be done by navigating to the From Source drop-down arrow and it will show the options of Mailbox, Archive Mailbox and Public Folder. Choose the desired option, if required to perform selective migration.

Supports Migration from Exchange, Hosted Exchange and Office 365

By using the application, user is free to migrate mailbox from Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server and Office 365. You only need to provide the account details and the tool will directly move the associated mailboxes from source to destination profile. The migrated data will remain safe and accurate throughout the process.

Filters Available for Select Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 Migration

The software delivers advance and remarkable functionality to users. The application designed with multiple filters that a user can apply for selective migration. There is the option of Item Filter and Date Filter. Item Filter help to select the desired item that one need to migrate such as emails, calendar, tasks, contacts etc. and Date Filter allows to set the date range and migrate specified Exchange mailbox data to Office 365.

View Live Migration Process Status and Generate Log Report in TXT

Exchange Mailbox to Office 365 Tool allows to view the live migration process that shows the detail of Mailbox Name, Folder, Item Count, Status etc. Besides this, when the process gets finishes, software will generate a log report in TXT. It will include all the details of migration process. User can save the same at desired location for future reference.



The blog provided three solutions to migrate Exchange mailbox to Office 365. Solution 1 and Solution 2 are highly technical and only with the help of experts it can be performed. Solution 3 is easy, user-friendly and secure application that directly export Exchange mailbox to Office 365 in few steps keeping formatting and attributes intact during the process.