Maildir Backup – Tool to Save & Backup Maildir Dovecot to Desktop/Cloud Apps

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Use Maildir Backup Solution that will guides to backup Maildir email to popular file formats and cloud applications such as PST Outlook, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, Gmail, G Suite,, Office 365, Exchange Server, HTML, RTF, MHT and DOC formats. If you want to save Maildir files to desirable format, then keep reading this post for getting brief about the best Maildir Backup tool. Before to start it, let’s collect some of the queries asked by non-technical users.

Hi Friends! I am Maria Hirthe working as a Senior Technical Analyst at the reputed organization. I am here for searching the safe solution to backup Maildir Dovecot to Cloud platform. Actually, I have so many Maildir files which I need to access into cloud application like- Office 365. Can you suggest me something secure that helps for Maildir backup to cloud application without any problem?

Hey, I am a non-technical user having few important Maildir emails that I want to view in Microsoft Outlook email client with all its attachments. Actually, I have joined a new workplace where MS Outlook is available for storing and accessing the database. That’s the reason I want to shift all my old Maildir emails into new MS Outlook application. Do you have any solution for doing this task properly?

I have 10,000+ bundles of Maildir files in the Postfix and want the solution for Postfix Maildir backup as PDF file format. As I got to know that PDF file is easy to access and a simple document format that I can access at anytime and anyplace. I don’t have any idea that how to backup Maildir files to PDF format at once time. Is there any suggestions for solving this problem?

How to Backup Maildir Email to Suitable Output Formats?

To solve the all above queries, here you can simply download Free Maildir Backup Edition that directly backup Maildir mail to any other format without any cost. For free to download the software you can click on the Download button and start to follow the steps to perform the backup process.

Follow the Steps:

Step 1: Initially, you can go to the installation of Maildir Backup Tool on any Windows edition and open it as mentioned below:

Step 2: Choose the Select File option available on the top menu bar of the software screen as shown below.

Step 3: Use Select File or Select Folder options from the new box and import the Maildir files which you want to backup.

Step 4: In this step, you can see the complete Maildir folders that you have inserted. Also, take the preview benefit by clicking on any mails as given in the screenshot.

Step 5: Click on the Export option from the top menu and choose saving output format from the available options in the list.

Step 6: After selecting the output option for saving Maildir files, go to click on Apply Filter/Rules >> Set Filters which opens a filter Window as mentioned below screenshot. Apply filters for selective Maildir backup process.

Step 7: Now, choose to insert the location path by using Browse button where you want your all output files. Then, hit Export.

Step 8: In this end step, the Maildir backup solution starts the live process by showing a complete details as like- Maildir files folder path, item count, duration and Status.

Step 9: When the backup process completes, it shows you a successful message on the screen i.e. Conversion is Done. Click OK to finish it.

Few FAQS about Maildir Backup Key

Q. Can I use this program for Postfix Maildir backup to cloud platform?
A. Sure, the tool is well-suited to save Maildir email to Office 365, Gmail, G Suite,, and Exchange Server.

Q. Which Maildir email application and email server is well-supportable by this utility?
A. The Maildir Backup Tool supports all Maildir supported email applications and email server like – Thunderbird, Dovecot, Postfix, Qmail, and so on.

Q. How many file formats available to save Maildir files?
A. The Maildir Backup Tool offers lot of popular output formats i.e. PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLx, HTML, RTF, MHT and DOC.

Q. Is this tool capable for exporting Maildir email with all the attachments?
A. Yes, the program is highly capable to backup Maildir email to any output format including all attachments.

Q. What is the use of different file naming options facilitates by Maildir Backup?
A. These options will help out to manage the complete output database in a perfect manner. A performer can use any of the file naming option to manage their output data as per the requirement.

Q. Which Windows version is well-supported for this program?
A. Maildir Backup Tool is a Windows-based utility that supports all Windows editions including Windows 7, 8, 10, and all others.

Free Download Edition

Maildir Backup Tool comes with free to download facility that allows user to backup first 20 Maildir files to PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, Gmail, Exchange Server, etc. without any cost. After using the free download edition, go to purchase Maildir Backup license edition by clicking buy now button.