How to Import OLM File in Apple Mail- Complete Guide

Ritu Roy | Email Conversion Outlook Software Technology | 4 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

If you are looking for a solution to import OLM file to Apple Mail? If yes, then stop searching because this article post is all about the method to import Outlook Mac OLM to Apple Mail including emails, formatting and attachments and other important items. Before beginning the process to migrate OLM to Mac Mail first get the basic knowledge related to the process which will be the most helpful for our valuable clients.

User Query

“I am a Mac user for many years and Outlook has been my default email application. Few days my Mac Outlook became very slow. I frustrated to uninstall and reinstall Outlook a number of times but there was no improvement. Now finally, I have started using Apple Mail. I am really happy and satisfied with Apple Mail’s function. Now, I am planning to import OLM file to Apple Mail with attachments. Can anyone advise and recommend me how to import OLM file in Apple Mail?”

Why User Want to Import OLM to Apple Mail?

OLM file is an archive file generated when a user export data from Outlook 2011, 2016 or 2019 for Mac. It saves emails, tasks, notes, contacts in address book, events, Calendars, Journals etc. Apple Mail is by default email application for Mac OS. It comes as free without making any payment as well as permitting several types of protocols for sending and receiving email messages like SMTP, POP3, Exchange, IMAP etc. So, a number of users are searching for a technique to convert from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail email client.

Techniques to Transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail

There is no direct manual solution to migrate OLM file into Apple Mail. But still, if you want to export Outlook Mac OLM File to Apple Mail Manually, then you are guided to migrate the OLM file to Apple Mail supported file formats such as MBOX.

Manual Solution to Convert OLM into Apple Mail

Here is a step-by-step solution to transfer Mac Outlook to Mac Mail:

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook in your Mac machine. Choose the mailbox you want to move to the Mac Mail. 
  2. Drag and drop that mailbox to desktop. It will be saved as MBOX file. 
  3. Repeat this procedure for all required Mac Outlook 2011 & 2016 mailboxes. Put all MBOX files together in a folder. 
  4. Now, launch Apple Mail email application. Select File>> Import Mailboxes. 
  5. A new window will open. Here, users have to choose data file type of source file. Choose files in MBOX format option and press Continue
  6. Locate to the folder containing all MBOX files. Press select to continue with the process to import OLM file to Apple Mail. 
  7. A window will open with all MBOX files. If you do not want to convert any mailbox, uncheck the box beside that mailbox name. 
  8. Click to Continue. All emails of the selected mailboxes will be imported to Mac Mail. A message will inform that these files can be found inside the Import folder of its mailboxes.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

The above manual solution that import OLM files into Apple Mail has some limitations that are listed below:

  • The manual process takes a lot of time to execute. 
  • Repetitive actions make this solution tedious. 
  • It does not support selective email migration.
  • Required some technical knowledge
  • Lengthy process to perform OLM to Apple Mail Conversion
  • It is not effective to bulk convert OLM files into Apple Mail.

Because of the above discussed disadvantages of the Manual Method, users always prefer to go for the third-party commercial solution which is easier and reliable.

Alternative Solution to Import OLM File to Mac Mail

There are multiple number of third-party tools available to implement the migration of OLM to Apple Mail.  One of the popular third-party tools is OLM to MBOX Converter software. This tool provides an easy and effective process to import OLM files in Apple Mail which makes it easier for the user to perform this conversion process.


  • Supports batch export Outlook OLM file to Mac Mail
  • Capable to migrate OLM emails with attachments
  • Keeps the source folder hierarchy intact
  • Allows to load both files and folder for conversion 
  • Capable to import OLM file to Apple Mail of any size
  • Allows to selectively export emails using date filter option


In this article, we have discussed two methods that can convert OLM file into Apple Mail. Moreover, if the user wants a quick and perfect solution that can bulk import OLM files to Apple Mail, then it is recommended to choose the professional solution- OLM Converter. It offers 100 % conversion rate without changing the original file structure. Now, it depends upon the users which method they find more suitable.