Import Eudora Mail to Gmail/G Suite Account in a Smart Way

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Thinking about how to import Eudora mail to Gmail or having a need to import Eudora to Gmail? If yes, then great! In this article, we will be discussing the most reliable method to import Eudora emails to the Gmail account. As there are many users who need to migrate Eudora mailbox to Gmail account. Unfortunately, there is no direct method is available.

Stick to this post to find out how to import Eudora mail to Gmail. In addition, you can also import Eudora emails to the G Suite account using the same method. Let’s get back to the point and start the solution in the correct way.

Steps to Import Eudora to Gmail/G Suite Account

To import multiple Eudora emails into the Gmail account, you need to follow the 2 different steps which are mentioned below.

  1. Extract Eudora Emails to MBOX.
  2. Move Eudora MBOX to the Gmail account.

Now, follow the step by step process to perform Eudora to Gmail conversion with complete guidance.

Part I. Extract Eudora Emails to MBOX

Step 1. Open the Run tab and type %appdata% and press Enter.

Step 2. Open the Qualcomm folder as shown below.

Step 3. Now open the Eudora folder including data.

Step 4. These .mbx files are the Eudora mail email files.

Step 5. Copy these .mbx files in an individual folder.

Part II. Move Eudora Mailboxes to Gmail Account

Step 1. Install and run the MBOX to Gmail software.

Step 2. Open it and click on the Add Files or Add Folder button to load Eudora emails into the software.

Step 3. After adding Eudora mailboxes, click on the Next to continue.

Step 4. Now choose the Gmail saving option as per your need – 1. Import all Eudora emails in a Single Gmail Account, and 2. Import each Eudora mailbox to separate the Gmail account.

Step 5 (a). If you select the first option, then enter the login credentials of your Gmail account to save all Eudora emails into the single Gmail account. Then, click on the Export to start the conversion of Eudora emails to Gmail.

Step 5 (b). If you select the second option, then enter the login ID and password of the Gmail account for every Eudora mailboxes. After that, press the Export button to start the Eudora to Gmail conversion process.

Step 6. Now, take a view of the live migration process of moving Eudora to Gmail with the complete status.

Step 7. Once the process completed, it shows the success message “Conversion Completed”, then press the Ok button for achieving the process.

Now, you have achieved the Eudora to Gmail or G Suite migration process with the success result.

FREE Demo – A free trial version of the Eudora to Gmail is also available, which is very helpful for you to understand the software’s complete working before buying. The Free Demo allows every user to save the first 20 emails from each Eudora mailbox to Gmail account without cost. After trying it, you can buy it to import Eudora mail to Gmail in a bulk mode at once.