How to Import EML Files to MSG File on Latest Windows and Mac OS?

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For a very long time, I have been facing trouble in getting the access to Windows Live Mail application. Although I have resolved that issue still, to avoid situations like these in the future. I am planning to move my EML data into MSG. I have Outlook installed in my system. But the thing is I do not have the accurate file conversion method for converting EML into MSG. While searching for the same I got the method. And that is the best one for sure to import EML files to MSG files.

Converting files through a manual process/method is difficult to understand for the user from any non-technical background. So, I am going to introduce to you in the following section the easiest one. The most effortless method that efficiently eliminates all the limitations sufficiently. So, you are advised to read this blog till the end to grasp all the details well.

Take a Glance at an Automated Tool to Import EML into MSG

CubexSoft EML to MSG Converter is an accurate method that instantly migrates EML files into MSG format. It is a wonderful option to transfer multiple EML files into MSG directly at once. The utility is easily operable by any user, as it does not require any technical skill as such. And also there is no such need for any external software to be downloaded in the system to import EML files into MSG using this tool. This utility supports extracting EML files of all such email client that generally supports EML file format such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Entourage, AppleMail, DreamMail, etc. And users may transfer files of any size as there is no restriction assigned on that.  There are various attributes of this utility that ease the processing such as advanced filter options, checkboxes for selective conversion Select destination path, log report, batch migration, and the preview option. Now let’s discuss some of the main features in detail below:

Significance of EML to MSG Tool

Batch Mode Conversion: The software provides here dual options for lading files such as “Select File” and “Select Folder”. So without any difficulty, users may upload files selectively or in bulk. As per their need.

Maintains Data Integrity: The conversion is processed like there is no single data alteration and changes will be seen in the converted files. It helps maintaining all the attributes same while converting files from EML to MSG.

Desired Path/Location: Users have the privilege to choose the location for the resultant files according to their convenience.

Windows Compatible: The software supports Windows OS and all of its editions such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and Vista.

Preview Option: The software provides the preview option that enables overseeing all the EML before conversion.

Availability of Checkbox: Specificcheckbox attach with all the uploaded files. Users need to tick the particular one for changing its format.  

Also Supports Mac OS: Users may install this utility on all Mac OS such as Monetary, Catalina, Big-Sur, High-Sierra, Yosemite, Mojave, etc.    

Advanced Filter Options: There are various advanced filter options for selective conversion for example date range, Subject filter, to, from, and Exclude items/folders.

Demo Version: A free demo edition of the tool available for exporting EML into MSG. however, it is applicable to converting the first 25 EML files only.

Log report: After completion of the conversion procedure, an instant log report generates comprising all the relevant detailing about the conversion process such as the number of files, counts, size, count, status, etc. Log report in the TXT format opens in Notepad after migration.

How to Import EML into MSG?

Following are the step-by-step working guidelines are mentioned:

Step1: At first, you need to install EML Converter in the system.

Step2: Now upload EML files using “Select File” and “Select Folder” options.

Step3: Then users can tick the particular EML files by ticking the respective checkbox.

Step4: Recheck all of them in the “Preview” segment.

Step5: Click on the “Export” option and now here you have multiple output options, you may go with the “MSG” one.

Step6: After applying various filters “Browse” for the “Select Destination Path” option.

Step7: Now finally hit the “Convert” tab that initializes the conversion procedure from EML to MSG.

Step8: Click “ok” on the dialog box displaying the “Process Completed Successfully” message.

Here are All Those Frequently Asked Queries That Will Going to Be Resolved Through This Software

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Reviews of Clients

Hello, I am Rose, I have utilized this product for file conversion from EML to MSG, and I must admit that the utility effortlessly provides absolute candid results. I was a user from a non-technical class, but still I easily managed its functioning without any such difficulty or hurdle.

Hello everyone, I recommend all the users must opt for this automated file conversion method for exporting EML into MSG. As this is the direct technique to import bulk EML files into MSG in a single round.

Let’s Sum Up

The above article is to provide you with the best solution to import EML files to MSG files. It is a wise option to choose an automatic method for converting files. As there are lots of complications involved in the manual method for converting files. I must say this utility will going to resolve all the issue. That any user generally faces while importing their files from EML to MSG in the best possible way.