IBM Notes System Remote Server Not Responding – [ERROR SOLVED]

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IBM Lotus Notes is a desktop-supported email client application used by every organization and individuals across the world. It saves all its associated data items in NSF format. Moreover, it includes multiple components like contact management, instant messaging, blog, to-do list, calendar and web browsing services. However, number of users face similar messages i.e. Remote Server not responding when trying to access Lotus Notes email client on the server. Therefore, in the further section, major reasons discussed and appropriate solution to resolve “IBM Notes Server Not Responding” issue.

Different Database Error in Lotus Notes

Many times, different errors suddenly occur when accessing data in IBM Notes application. Some of them are mentioned below:

Error Encountered in Database Object

Facing an issue in the open property code of Lotus Notes object, then an error will appear. It usually arises when one is trying to access database by using Lotus Notes object and it is unable to open.

Occurrence of Error when Opening NSF File

This error arises when a user is accessing Lotus Notes from different Domino Server. As users need to do some changes within the security setting of other Domino Server to access each .nsf file. Otherwise, users may come across the error when trying to open IBM Notes database.

Error during Lotus Notes Migration                                                                      

This problem generated due to invalid object code found in Lotus script and tries to open Lotus Notes NSF data file. In the latest Lotus Notes version, IBM has included few features related to attachments after carrying out the migration process. After up-gradation, one cannot open database on other machines.

Common Reasons behind Error “Lotus Notes Remove Server Not Responding”

There are different reasons that are responsible in popping-up an error of Lotus Notes remote server not responding. Some are listed below:

  • Invalid server path or file.
  • Unavailability of require data at specified location.
  • Sudden crash of remote server due to network issues.
  • User ID not allowing access of database NSF file.
  • Unexpected crash due to hardware failure, network interruption or Lotus Notes database file corruption.

How to Fix “Lotus Notes System Remove Server Not Responding Error”

There are multiple approaches for fixing error Remote Server Not Responding. One is manual which is free to access and another one is IBM Notes NSF Converter that is cost-effective but possesses secure functionality.

Manual Method

It includes three approaches to resolve the stated issue:

Fix 1. Error occur due to sudden failure of network between email client and Domino server. The issue can be solved by tracking server path. Now, follow the steps to analyse internet connectivity:

  1. Open Lotus Notes application and move to Preferences.
  2. Select Notes Port and click Trace.
  3. Now, trace screen will appear, enter server name in desired path and hit trace tab.
  4. User can now view client details and server connection from appearing Trace window. If client is appropriately connected to specific server then move to next step to fix the issue.

Fix 2.  Solve issue related to Lotus Notes script:

  1. First, search database file and handle particular notes database object.
  2. Run IBM Notes debugger and enter few debugging statements to check exact value of string that passed on Lotus Notes for database accessibility.
  3. And, if parameters are correct, Lotus Notes will manually open. Now, provide accurate User ID, name of server and file path.
  4. However, testing the process manually will not deliver exact result.

Note: Ensure to specify exact Server and Path name of file before verifying what users are trying to open.

Fix 3. In order to solve the Lotus Notes database accessibility error, a user need to crosscheck security settings of User Agent and Domino Server. Follow the steps to confirm settings of Domino Server security.

  1. Login to IBM Notes user account.
  2. Open Domino Server document containing database file.
  3. Add specific server name that contains the web service on Trusted Servers field displaying under Security tab.
  4. Finally, you need to confirm again whether database file will open or not.

Recommended Solution to Fix “Lotus Notes Remote Server Not Responding”

If you find difficulty in implementing the above solution manually, then it is recommended to make use of third party NSF File Converter application. It is a perfect way to fix errors when one need to access IBM Notes database.


The blog has discussed multiple solutions when you are not able to open Lotus Notes database file due to any reason discussed above. There are multiple approached mentioned that can be used to resolve “remote server not responding” error. If these methods are not working perfectly, then try the third party solution, which will deliver output with 100% accuracy.