How to Transfer VCF Files to Google Contacts?

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Here in this blog, I will provide you a solution to the query of how to transfer VCF files to Google Contacts effortlessly, So if you have a need to accomplish this task, then read this blog till the end, as this will going to be immensely important for you.

Google Contacts is a feature that Google provides to save contacts securely. There are several instances may occur when users wants to convert multiple VCF files to Google Contacts. Despite, Google allows exporting VCF and CSV to contacts. Still there is no manual method is feasible to import multiple VCF files into CSV format. This procedure may simply possible with the CubexSoft VCF to CSV Converter Tool. Thereafter, users can export the CSV files into Google Contacts simply.

Google Account -Overview

It is easy to manage the contacts through Google Contacts.  In Google Contact, users may add the additional information like email address, phone number etc.  It is widely utilized contact management system.  If any users have a Gmail account then they may save their various contacts with it. User can avail this facility for free of cost, small businesses/organisation may use this tool to manage their contacts well.

Users might have a doubt regarding how do I convert multiple VCF files to Google Contacts. I will give you an effortless way that will surely help you tackling this issue.

Is There Any Method Available to Export VCF to Google Contacts.

There is no direct way to import multiple VCF files to Google Contacts format. But users may export the files from system. Manual method is not feasible at all, when there is a huge quantity of files as it can be a time consuming. Let’ see how users may import VCF files to Google Contacts manually.

Follow These Directions to Convert VCF Files into Google Contacts

  • At first login to Gmail Account, then go to the Google App option.
  • Now open Google Contacts, and tap on the Import Contacts option.
  • Then click the “Select File” option and add the required VCF contacts.
  • After selecting all files click on the Import button.  

vCard Conversion Tool  -Direct Method to Import Multiple VCF Files to CSV Format

CubexSoft vCard Converter, is a professional method that enables you to solve the issueof how to transfer VCF files to Google Contacts efficiently. The software facilitates users to import multiple VCF files to CSV format in a single time processing. Other than CSV, users may also get other popular output options like PST, PDF, CSV, EML, HTML, EMLx, etc.

 vCard Converter Tool provides many advanced level functionalities that are beneficial to import VCF to CSV like Split vCard Option, Merge vCard option, also users can import the versions vCard files from 2.1 to 3.0 or vice versa. In split Option there are there sub options available so that users can Spit the VCF files accordingly these are like: 1) Split by each contact 2) Split by number of Contacts 3) Split by Keyword.

The software supports migration of VCF files of 2.1 and 3.0 versions. There is no technical expertise required to run this tool, it this is a user-friendly application. This tool supports vCard file conversion from all the VCF supported applications. There is no file size restrictions imposed on VCF files.  Users get absolute flawless results in a few seconds of time by using this application.

Users may select the desired location for the resultant data accordingly. Just when the data migration gets completed all the conversion related information appears in a TXT file. And Users may run this tool on all the Windows Operating Systems like Windows 11, 10, 8,1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, etc.

How Does VCF Tool Work? – Working Step

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Step1: Firstly download VCF to CSV Converter Tool.

Step2: Use either option “Add File” or “Add Folder” to load multiple VCF files and VCF folder respectively.

Step3: Now the software showcases all the selected VCF files.

Step4: By using “Remove” and “Remove All” options deselect the unnecessary items.

Step5: Then click on the “Next” button for further proceedings.

Step6: Choose the CSV output option, then hit the Export button.

Step7: Now after converting all the VCF files in CSV format using VCF to CSV Tool, now it is easy to convert all such CSV files in Google Contacts.

How to Export CSV to Google Contacts?

  • For this purpose, you need to login to Gmail account.
  • Go to the option of Google App, then go to Google Contacts section.
  • Then tap on the Import Contact to load the CSV files.
  • With Select File option, select all the desired files to be imported.
  • And now Import all the files and open them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Convert Multiple VCF File to CSV Format?

Answer: Through VCF to CSV Conversion Tool, users can convert multiple VCF files to CSV format at once. Then they can import all such CSV in Google Contacts through login to Gmail.

Can VCF Contain Multiple Contacts?

Answer: Yes, A single VCF file may contain multiple contacts along with all its detail.

End Note

This above stated method is a perfect solution to the query of how to transfer VCF files to Google Contacts. By using this reliable method, users can simply accomplish the VCF to Google Contacts conversion. The software offers free demo to the users which permits the first 5 VCF files to CSV format completely free of cost.