How to Send Yahoo Email to WhatsApp in Bulk – Complete Guide

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Frequently, Seen that lots of users face problem to know how to send Yahoo email to WhatsApp web or process to send message from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp. So, I am here to resolve the issue and help to forward Yahoo email to WhatsApp without any error.

Suppose, you are working offline and suddenly Yahoo Mail stops working, doesn’t working properly. At this time, you need to send messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp or want to send come other data from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp and have no idea about it. Then follow the blog that will describe you a perfect solution to know how to send Yahoo email to WhatsApp web.

In lots of scenarios, users ask about how to forward Yahoo email to WhatsApp and then they got answer “it is very simple” Backup your Yahoo mail in PDF format for further uses and easily use them. So, users should backup Yahoo Mail data to hard drive and because the PDF is portable document format and easily accessible from anywhere, so users also prefer to backup data in PDF format that’s so they use the files in future.

Therefore, we created this blog and guide you to properly send messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp with complete information. So follow the blog and get knowledge for forwarding emails data from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp web.

Methods to Guide how to send Yahoo Email to WhatsApp

In this write up, we will know how to send messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp in twice way. First method is manual method and second is professional solution; it is for urgent, safe and assured backup requirement. Let’s focus on our topic how to forward all Yahoo emails to WhatsApp.

Manual Method to send messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp

  • Launch a Yahoo Mail account on your computer screen.
  • Now choose any mail that need to send it on WhatsApp.
  • Hit on the triple dots icon & select “Print newest” option.
  • Finally choose saving path “Save as PDF” >> choose the location & hit on the save icon.

After repeat the process to again & again for multiple emails. But there are lots of limitations and you should know them before following the above-mentioned process –

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • You have to repeat the manual process again and again to send Yahoo message to WhatsApp.
  • Not helpful and useful for unlimited or large emails backup.
  • These mails will backup with the Yahoo Mail logo.

As we know that manual method hassome limitations and users can do the transfer process for only few mails. It is not suitable for huge mails and multiple accounts. If you have requirement to forward limitless mails of Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp or backup Yahoo mail on hard drive for future use then follow the given method.

Best Solution to Forward Yahoo Email to WhatsApp in bulk

The best & most chic solution to send Yahoo emails to WhatsApp web is CubexSoft Yahoo Mail Backup Tool that easily resolve how to send message from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp. The tool has implausible and best capabilities that help to provide rapid, safe, assured Yahoo Mail backup to WhatsApp. However, it is designed with the best technique and created after proper observing of users demand for Yahoo Mail backup to hard drive & webmail account. According the output result, the utility is well-thought to be the most reliable & highly rated solution available. To understand and know the complete working guide, follow the given steps –

Steps to Forward Messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp

  • First of all, download the given software and after installing, launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Now choose Yahoo Mail option from given 90+ webmail sources. Fill the login detail of your Yahoo account, here you can use proxy server and batch mode option. Hit on the login button to load the data.
  • After that it connects to your Yahoo account and load all data in tree structure with checkboxes. Mark and unmark on the checkboxes.
  • Now go with filter tab and apply filters option for specified mails backup.
  • Then go with backup tab and choose PDF option.
  • Now select other desired options and click on backup button.
  • The process will start and complete with a successful message.

Click on the confirmation message and check the result. It will automatically locate on the resultant files’ location. The outcome will complete and safe. After that, you can send the file in WhatsApp and also backup for future use. It will also generate a log file in .txt format. Now lets know about its skills and features.

Highlights for Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp

  • The tool can backup Yahoo emails to WhatsApp without missing any details.
  • It can also save Yahoo mail attachments on local system.
  • Using the tool, you can simply forward unlimited emails of multiple Yahoo accounts at once with batch mode.
  • It has multiple filters options so you can get selective Yahoo emails to WhatsApp.
  • The software is workable on Windows & Mac OS machine.
  • The program provides safe and simple GUI so anyone can easily handle it.
  • With the tool, users can backup Yahoo Mail emails with attachments, images, formatting, hyperlinks and other information.
  • You can backup Yahoo mail emails for your future use.

As you see that how perfectly the software works with amazing features. If you have any doubt or want a trial then download it and easily know how to send Yahoo email to WhatsApp without any charges. You don’t only get complete information here but also try your self and do the process yourself without any charges.


Finally, by using the both described solutions, we are able to forward Yahoo email to WhatsApp and resolve how to send Yahoo messages to WhatsApp. Manual method is helpful but has some limitations and for some mails while the alternative method can send your unlimited messages from Yahoo Mail to WhatsApp. Opt any solution and solve your problem for sending Yahoo mail to WhatsApp web.