How to Save Mac Outlook Email to Office 365 Webmail? – Get Complete Solution

Ritu Roy | Cloud Backup Email Conversion How to's Software | 3 minutes read | Last updated on February 8th, 2023,

Now I am working on Outlook for Mac but I want to export my all emails with attachments, contacts, calendars to Office 365 account. I have been searching for the best and reliable solution to do so. Is there any software available that could help me performing this complete task easily without wasting my time?

Instant Solution – Yes, you can use CubexSoft OLM to Office 365 Converter Tool that helps you to directly convert OLM files to Office 365 webmail account with all emails, contacts, calendars with attachments.

Here in this post, we will discuss the complete solution on how to save Mac Outlook email to Office 365 webmail account. Before we discuss a solution, let us first have a brief introduction to Mac Outlook OLM file.

What is OLM File?

The save data from Microsoft Outlook Mac 2011 & 2016 is stored with .olm file format where OLM stands for “Outlook for Mac”. OLM is a propriety file format of Microsoft Outlook. The Outlook for Mac files stores all email items/folders with attachments, calendars, contacts, and documents. Its performances as a backup file, which is beneficial in case of difficulties with the applications.

As well as all Microsoft office package, Outlook is one of the most famous, popular and professional email applications. Outlook for Mac export all mailbox data as OLM files for data storage. It is a desktop-based email application but in current time a large number of users are searching for a way to work on cloud-based email service.

Requirements for Converting OLM Files to Office 365 Account

The major reason for a user to migrate OLM file to Office 365 is that office 365 or Outlook Web Access as its name advises can be accessed from anywhere at any time. So, the solution to the Office 365 account has become quite easier for users. Some of the major causes for a user to prefer Exchange Online as a replacement for of Mac Outlook are:

  • The Mac Outlook is a desktop-based email client application while Office 365 is a cloud-based email application that shows to a better option for the users to backup and permanently saves data so which it can be opened anywhere and anytime.
  • Cloud storage service is much safe and secured that local storage like hardware failure, machine crash, etc.
  • MS Outlook or Office 365 is the only application that you can easily portable and manageable on a multiple of devices like – Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX, Android and etc.

Why Manual Method is Not Suitable Solution?

Do you want to migrate Mac Outlook OLM files to Office 365 by the manual solution? Then, there is no direct method to export OLM files to Office 365, first you need to migrate their data files into an OLM to PST format or Office 365 to access them on Windows-based operating system. To perform this approach, first you need to set up an IMAP account, then you can use it to move Mac for Outlook emails to Windows Outlook (PST).

As we know the manual solution is a lengthy and time-consuming process to perform for importing OLM files to Office 365 cloud. And, also a required of complete technical knowledge to execute the free manual solution. Not suitable for bulk data migration from OLM to Office 365 account.

A Direct Method – Import OLM Files to Office 365 Webmail

Looking for a perfect and best software which directly export OLM email files to Exchange Online without any problem, then go with the advanced and third-party software i.e. OLM Converter tool. With the help of this software, users can easily convert multiple OLM data file to office 365 cloud account with all emails, contacts, calendars, and attachments. This utility offers various advanced features to the users. It compatible with all the latest and below versions of MS Outlook and Windows OS including Windows 10.


In this blog post, we explained how to save Mac Outlook email to Office 365 webmail along with requirements and solutions to export OLM files to Office 365. If anyone gets manual techniques complex and time-taking then, you should go with the third-party tool mentioned above for easy and speedy data migration.