How to Retrieve Deleted Data from a Table in SQL Server by Transaction Log & LSNs

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We all know that SQL Server Database is extremely admired relational DBMS among business & corporate sectors, therefore its data loss issue is very critical. So if you are also such user who needs solution for how to recover deleted data from table in SQL Server 2012, 2014 & others then this platform is right place to overcome from this circumstance. Here, you can get the manual Transaction log file, LSNs and other SQL Database recovery solution for retrieving deleted data from a table in SQL Server.

Sometimes, users may execute UPDATE or DELETE operation in SQL Database without using the WHERE clause and it is very general cause for facing data loss from SQL Tables. Since, SQL Database Server is a most popular relational DBMS among commercial & corporate sectors, so almost time data loss issue increases even more. Therefore, users must be aware to retrieve deleted data from SQL Server table by any means, in case something unfortunate happens.

Deleted rows can be retrieved if deletion time is known and it can be completed with using log Sequence numbers (LSNs). LSN is aunique identifier assigned to each record available in SQL Server transaction log. The next section will describe the process to retrieve deleted SQL Server Table database files with the assistance of LSNs & Transaction Log.

How to Recover Deleted Data from Table in SQL Server 2012 & others by Transaction Logs

Firstly, users should fulfill some prerequisites before starting the process of recovering deleted data from SQL Database table. To simply retrieve deleted rows from a table in SQL Server, it should have BULK-LOGGED or FULL recovery model at that time when deletion first happened. Some quick responses are necessary so that logs are still present to execute data recovery process.

Follow the provided steps to know about how to recover deleted data from table in SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2008, 2005, 2016 & 2017 with the use of transaction logs.

Step 1 –

Verify the number of rows available in the table from which the data has been deleted by mistake using the -.

Step 2 –

Get transaction log backup of database by the query provided below –

Step 3 –

In order to retrieve SQL Server Table data, you need to collect some information about deleted rows. Run the provided query to accomplish the purpose.

From the query above mentioned, you will get the Transaction ID (can say 000:000001f3) of the deleted rows. Now, determine the time when the rows were deleted, with the help of this ID.

Step 4 –

Now users can find the particular time at which rows were deleted by the ID 000:000001f3. It is done by performing the provided query –

On performing the query, users can get the value of available Log Sequence Number (LSN) (can say 00000020:000001d0:0001)

Step 5 –

Now you can start the retrieve process to recover deleted SQL data from Server table rows which was lost. It is done with the provided query

Step 6

Now you can go with transaction log to recover deleted rows with LSN 00000020:000001d0:0001 –

Step 7 –

The provided process to retrieve record data from SQL table will be completed successfully. Then verify whether the deleted records data are back in the Databasename_Copy named database.

Disadvantage of the Transaction Log Process

  • It is completely technical so it is necessary that users should have complete knowledge about SQL Server.
  • It may be responsible for data loss if any step is missed.
  • Sometimes, it fails and doesn’t provide exact outcome.
  • Extremely time-consuming way to retrieve deleted data from SQL Server Table.
  • Non-technical user cannot execute the provided process.

 Recommended – Alternative Solution

After observing all disadvantages of manual way, it is recommended that users carefully follow the above mentioned process and it is better that they use simple & affordable SQL Database Recovery tool which can directly work and recover all deleted SQL Server Table rows’ data and solve all issues about it. It will recover all deleted SQL tables data in red colour then you can also save desired recovered items in SQL Server properly. The tool is reliable solution and understands all requirements of users to recover deleted SQL Server Table data and solve all issues regarding this topic. It not only recover Deleted SQL Server table data but also repair corrupted SQL Database MDF & NDF files and also save in SQL Server properly so no need to worry about how to get deleted or corrupted SQL database and utilize the solution completely.


Even if Transaction log sequence number method can retrieve deleted table data from SQL, it is not a safe and recommended way for user because of its disadvantages and complexity. As an alternative, it is advised to use professional utilities and solve all issues safely which also provides free demo in which it scan & recovered all deleted or corrupted data, after that also provide a complete preview of recovered data but saves only 25 items to SQL Server without any cost.